Here you can find links to streaming sites to watch live channels from all around the world. Channels are both sports and general channels.
To know when and where a competition is broadcasted, have a look at the "schedule" tag.

If you want to suggests new links both for channels in the list or for channels that you'd like to be in this list, you're very welcome and you can leave a comment below. If you want to report a broken link, please let me know leaving a comment below. Your help is always very welcome.

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just stumbled on this site,wish I had found it earlier. GREAT

I'm glad you've found my blog and enjoyed your stay. Hope you'll be back soon.

For TF1 HD you can go :

Thanks for the infos. I'm sure my readers will appreciate. works well for live streaming of ISU events with links to Eurosport as well as Russian and Italian channels

Thank you for the link! I used it once or twice, before converting to спорт2, that usally broacsats whole competitions live. has good links for eurosport, and for eurosport international too! I'll add them to the list.
Thanks again for the link!

Here is a great source as well

Thank you Lars! It's really a great source for live tv!
Thank you again!

Watch live tv in hd in silverlight player on
Watch even Australia live tv.

to know and watch channels of africa visit this african site iafrica tv

watch us tv on

chck here for live Televisison Worldwide

LIVE TV This is working amazing

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