11 November 2015

2015 Trophée Éric Bompard - Entries and where to watch

The 2015 Trophée Éric Bompard is the fourth of six events in the 2015–16 ISU Grand Prix of Figure Skating, a series of senior-level invitational competitions.

The competition will be held in Bordeaux, France from 13-15 November 2015. Medals will be awarded in the disciplines of men's singles, ladies' singles, pair skating, and ice dancing. Skaters may also earn points toward qualifying for the Grand Prix Final.

The entries for this fourth GP event are as follows.

CountryMenLadiesPairsIce dancing
 AustraliaBrooklee Han
 AustriaMiriam Ziegler / Severin Kiefer
 CanadaPatrick ChanGabrielle DalemanJulianne Séguin / Charlie BilodeauPiper Gilles / Paul Poirier
 ChinaWang YiPeng Cheng / Zhang Hao
 DenmarkLaurence Fournier Beaudry /Nikolaj Sørensen
 FranceChafik Besseghier
Romain Ponsart
Laurine Lecavelier
Maé-Bérénice Méité
Vanessa James / Morgan Ciprès
 ItalyRoberta RodeghieroNicole Della Monica /Matteo Guarise
 JapanDaisuke Murakami
Shoma Uno
Haruka Imai
Kanako Murakami
 KazakhstanDenis Ten
 LatviaAngelīna Kučvaļska
 South KoreaKim Jin-seo
 RussiaMaxim Kovtun
Alexander Petrov
Yulia Lipnitskaya
Elizaveta Tuktamysheva
Evgenia Tarasova /Vladimir Morozov
Tatiana Volosozhar /Maxim Trankov
Alexandra Stepanova / Ivan Bukin
Anna Yanovskaya / Sergei Mozgov
 TurkeyAlisa Agafonova / Alper Uçar
 United KingdomPenny Coomes / Nicholas Buckland
 United StatesMax AaronGracie Gold
Angela Wang
Marissa Castelli / Mervin TranMadison Hubbell / Zachary Donohue
On August 14, Kiira Korpi was removed from the roster. On August 21, her replacement was announced as Roberta Rodeghiero. On August 27, it was announced that Korpi had retired.
On September 15, Chafik Besseghier was added as a host pick.
On September 23, Brooklee Han, Miriam Ziegler / Severin Kiefer, Sara Hurtado / Adrià Díaz and Alisa Agafanova / Alper Uçar were added to the roster in place of host picks.
On September 28, Misha Ge was removed from the roster due to visa problems. On October 15, his replacement was announced as Kim Jin-seo.
On October 16, Sara Hurtado / Adrià Díaz were removed from the roster. It was announced that the couple had split. On October 26, their replacement was announced as Laurence Fournier Beaudry / Nikolaj Sørensen.
On November 6, Florent Amodio was removed from the roster due to an injury.
On November 11, Gabriella Papadakis / Guillaume Cizeron were removed from the roster.

The schedule SHOULD be as follow. Remember that times are CET (UTC/GMT+1) and in this time zone now it is 

If you want to watch the competition on the ISU Skating Channel, then try installing hola! and select a country that's not in the following list: USA, Canada, China, Europe, Japan, Republic of Korea, Central & South America.
If you want to watch the competition on Rai Sport 1 or Rai Sport 2, then try installing hola! and select Italy.


15:30 - EUROSPORT 2 & ISU Skating Channel - Ladies SP
17:30 - EUROSPORT 2 & ISU Skating Channel - SD
18:45 - EUROSPORT 2 & ISU Skating Channel - Men SP
20:45 - EUROSPORT 2 & ISU Skating Channel - Pairs SP

19:15 - RAI SPORT 1 - Men SP
22:30 - RAI SPORT 2 - Pairs SP (rec)


13:30 - ISU Skating Channel - Ladies FP
15:45 - ISU Skating Channel - FD
18:30 - ISU Skating Channel - Men FP
20:45 - ISU Skating Channel - Pairs FP
22:15 - EUROSPORT 2 - Men FP (rec)
23:45 - EUROSPORT 2 - Pairs FP (rec)

18:30 - RAI SPORT 1 & RAI SPORT 2 - Men FP


14:30 - ISU Skating Channel - Gala

11:15 - RAI SPORT 1 & RAI SPORT 2 - FPs (rec)
23:00 - RAI SPORT 1 & RAI SPORT 2 - Gala (rec)

If you encounter any problems with the stream, try here.

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  1. British Eurosport: http://www.time4tv.com/2011/09/british-eurosport.php

    Nov 14:
    12:30 GMT/13:30 CET LF live
    14:45 GMT/15:45 CET FD live
    20:15 GMT/21:15 CET LF rec
    21:15 GMT/22:15 CET MF rec
    22:45 GMT/23:45 CET PF rec
    23:45 GMT/00:45 CET FD rec

    Nov 15:
    11:30 GMT/12:30 CET MF rec
    12:30 GMT/13:30 CET PF rec
    13:30 GMT/14:30 CET GALA live

    If stream is not working choose a different stream above the video display!
    Detailed programme: http://tv.eurosport.co.uk/ (times are in GMT)