9 November 2014

Interview with French skater Bruno Massot

Bruno Massot - Patinage artistique l'équipe de france
If you're a fan of Bruno Massot, you'd be glad to know that Patinage artistique l'équipe de france published an interesting interview with the French skater. You can read the original French version of the interview on their page. Or, if you prefer, you can read a translated English version below.

Q: If you hadn't succeeded in figure skating, what would you have liked to do?

BM: If not figure skating... I play the piano, so maybe I'd have become pianist. But I'm an active type, so I'd have played another sport for sure. Or maybe I'd have become actor!

Q: When you're really tired, what do you prefer? A good film? Music? Or a massage?

BM: When I'm tired, I like to watch a good film or listen to good music, with a massage, of course!

Q: What's your cult book?

BM: A book? What's that? (he laugh)

Q: What's your cult film?

BM: Mmm... Inglorious bastards.

Q: What's your best journey?

BM: Up to now, it's Japan.

Q: What's utter happiness for you?

BM: A desert island, with a boat, my girlfriend and a Porsche!

Q: When is the last time you cried?

BM: This morning, when I waked up without my girlfriend, who's away...

Q: When is the last time you had the giggles?

BM: The last time I had the giggles... Mmm, I laugh every day, so I don't know, really.

Q: What's the main trait of your character?

BM: I never throw in the towel.

Q: And the trait of which you're the least proud of?

BM: Sometimes I get on edge a bit easily...

Q: What's you're greatest fear?

BM: Spiders. Or getting hurted.

Q: What's your favorite color?

BM: Night blue.

Q: What's your motto?

BM: I never had a motto.

Q: What's the song you whistle under the shower?

BM: Bah, I whistle what's on my cellphone.

Q: What's the object you take everywhere with you?

BM: My skates.

Q: Do you sponsor any association?

BM: No, I don't.

Q: What's your anti stress technique?

BM: To fight the stress, there's nothing better than listening to music for me.

Q: Do you have a model in figure skating?

BM: A model? I really never had one... There were skaters I loved, but I don't want to resemble anyone! I want to be stronger!

Q: To which skaters of team France you're closer?

BM: We're all close, no preferences.

Q: Do you have any odd habits, before a competition or a gala?

BM: Before going to skate or warming-up, I always take a coffee.

Q: Do you want to say something to your fans?

BM: To my fans, thank you very much for your support and encouragement. I work very hard and it's encouraging to have supporters.

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