29 April 2014

On Simone Vaturi's new partner and Savchenko/Massot's partnership

Lorenza Alessandrini & Simone Vaturi FB page

Some days ago came the news that Russian skater Ekaterina Riazanova split with partner Ilja Tkachenko. At almost the same time, Italian fans got some equally bad news: Lorenza Alessandrini  decided to quit figure skating, leaving her dance partner Simone Vaturi

Last weekend, Ekaterina Riazanova came to Milan for a skating test with Simone Vaturi. The test was satisfactory, and rumors say the new dance couple will skate for Italy, coached by Paola Mezzadri and Roberto Pellizzola. In theory, the freshly formed couple could compete in the 2015 European Championships in Stockholm, from the 26 of January. Indeed, Riazanova's last international competition was last January, so if the couple can reach the minimum technical scores needed during an international competition next January, there wouldn't be any problem for them to compete at Euros.

In late March, Aljona Savchenko announced she'd continue her career after her partner Robin Szolkowy's retirement, and the two said their farewell to their fans with a last exhibition during the show Imagine on Ice.

Savchenko formed a new partnership with French skater Bruno Massot, but doubts remain on which country they will skate for. Indeed, the French federation does not intend to release Massot, and the German federation is still evaluating the possibility to release Aljona.

Video by Sophie Tan

Source: NeveItalia,

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