15 October 2013

Brian Joubert's withdrawal from Skate America is a sanction

Brian Joubert's withdrawal from Skate America 2013, announced yesterday by the American Federation, seems to be a sanction imposed by the French Federation itself.

The reason has not been made official yet, but it could be due to the 2007 World Champion's withdrawal from the Master's d'Orléans, claiming not to be sufficiently in shape.

A real punishment for the 29 years old skater from Poitier, who, as reports L'Equipe, was feeling at last ready for his first big appointment of the season and who seemed to feel again strong with his quad.

 France 3 reports Brian Joubert and his coach, Véronique Guyon, commenting the sanction as "tardive et très sévère" (belated and harsh) since it is not the first time Joubert withdraw from the Masters without any consequence from the Federation.

 On Joubert forced withdrawal from Skate America, Didier Gailhaguet deny any accusation of punishment, affirming that the FFSG thought it better this course of action because Brian "n'est pas prêt" and "il est malade" (is not fit and ill). In the video below, Brian's reaction to it all.

A sammury of Brian's remarks in English:

Brian says there hasn't been any dialog with the Fed, he tried to contact the FFSG last week because he was worried for not having received any infos about SA but they did not contacted him back. He heard rumors about a sanction for his attitude toward the Masters, and now that it is done, he has to turn over a new leaf. The Masters are a competition viewed all around the world, and he did not want to give a wrong image, a week image. To win or to loose the Masters is not the matter, the matter is to arrive in shape. He is not and does not want to be in conflict with the FFSG or Gailhaguet, and he accepts the Fed decision.
 French Federation have issued a press release regarding Brian Joubert's withdrawal from Skate America. Here the response of the FFSG without cuts and as reported by World Figure Skating:
Paris, October 15, 2013.
By French Federation of Ice Sports
“Contrary to the assertions by French paper L’Equipe, Brian Joubert is not the victim of any federal sanction.
It would be very curious to punish the most successful French skater of all times for viral reasons.
The skater from Poitiers has withdrawn from Skate America in Detroit and prefers to treat himself in order to resume his season as soon as possible in preparation for the Cup of Russia, held in Moscow from 22 to 24 November 2013.”

Source: L'Equipe


  1. This is terrible! I was so looking forward to Skate America and to see Brian's programs! The FFSG is treating him unfair and lying that he's sick! I'm worried how this all will affect on his career.

  2. I think that's hitting below the belt, too. It is Brian last season, and the FFSG knows it too well. Brian helped France earning 2 spots for the Olympics, the fed should remember it and remember also that Feds should work for the athlete and the athletes as a team, their decision should be for their best, to help their careers, not arbitrary punish for minor competition forfaits...