15 May 2013

Ivan Bariev to compete for Italy(?)

I'm sure you've already heard that Ivan Bariev, 22 years old, intends to skate for Italy. Doppio Axel, an Italian figure skating magazine, recently shared  the news on facebook.
Ivan Bariev sceglie l'Italia! Il 22enne nato a Mosca da madre russa e padre italiano ha manifestato alla Federazione Italiana Sport del ghiaccio la propria intenzione di pattinare per l'Italia a partire dalla prossima stagione.
Bariev, coached by Nikolai Morozov, is the 2008 Russian Junior Champion. He underwent meniscus surgery in his right knee end of October 2007 and also missed most of the 2009/10 season due to injury. His father being Italian, citizenship wont be an issue for Ivan. However, he can't qualify for the Olympics, where Italy is entitled to only one spot, because he last skated for Russia at Cup of Nice in October 2012, finishing fifth, and he will be in "quarantine" till the end of October.

The biggest problem for Bariev is getting a release from the Russian federation. At the start of the month, Piseev told R-media that they didn't get any request from Bariev. But something seems to have changed: Piseev declared yesterday that the Federation board will meet May 16 to take a decision on the matter.

Ivan Bariev is not the only skater that could increase the family. Indeed, also world champion Dario Betti is assessing if he has any chance to move successfully from roller skating to ice skating. The transition shouldn't be too hard, we have many example of successful transition of the kind: Matteo Guarise, to remain in Italy, but also Haven Denney and Brandon Frazier, and Tara Lipinski, if I remember well.


  1. Laura, just a question.
    It's clear that Ivan won't be able to skate for our colours at the Nebelhorn Trophy (the Olympic qualification tournament), but if he wins the Italian Nationals I guess he's going to represent Italy at the Olympic Games, right?
    Moreover, the 12-month quarantine is just valid for international competitions (including the Olympic Games), but I read that for what regards ISU competitions, the quarantine period is 18 months. Can you confirm?
    Thanks, ciao!

  2. I fear not, because not competing for Italy in any qualifying competition, he won't have the necessary points to qualify for the Olympics. Not sure, however, how it works for your so-loved team event :p I mean, if neither Bacchini nor Parkinson will qualify at the Nebelhorn Trophy, I think Italy can assign anyone for the team event, including Bariev.
    But I think you're right about the quarantine period: it's 12 month for international competitions, and 18 month for ISU competitions.

  3. So, if everything goes the way it's supposed to go, in the upcoming season Bariev won't be able to represent Italy in any of the most important competitions (Euros, Worlds, Olympics).
    Very good... What did he change his federation for??? ;-)))))))))))

  4. Eheheh I reckon he made the decision thinking about his future, not just about next season ;)
    Good 3s, good spins, good steps... maybe he's a bit slow. But, who knows, maybe during the season he can surprise us with a quad and polishing his programs, from an artistic point of view? Italy really needs a strong male skater!