31 May 2013

Dario Betti is ready for the challenge

Courtesy Nevent - photo credits: Alessandro Fiocchi
After the Russian Federation granted Bariev, early this month, its permission to skate for Italy, we have more good news for figure skating fans, and Italian fans in particular. Dario Betti made official his switch from roller skating to ice skating on Wednesday, May 29, with a press conference at the Agorà ice rink in Milan.

Since “Roller skating is not an Olympic sport, and a gold medal at the World Championships is the highest result you can achieve,” as Dario himself said, the reigning European and World champion  started to train with Lucia Civardi in February.

Courtesy Nevent - Photo credits: Alessandro Fiocchi
After a tough start, it seems nevertheless that we can expect much from Dario. “I was aware of the technical difficulties, especially because the blade is a completely new tool for me. The jumps and spins technique is different, but the main difference is in the basic skating and gliding, which is what I am mainly working on now. The muscles are stimulated in a different way, in fact at the beginning I struggled to be in good shape. I am able to execute all the triple jumps, and I am now working on the Flip and Toeloop combinations, on the triple Axel and on the quad Toeloop", Betti said to ArtOnIce.

Dario Betti has started to work on his FP one week ago. He will keep the same program he had last season as a roller skater: Napoleon. The SP will be a tango.

Last year Betti had the chance to watch Worlds live in Nice, where he also meet Patrick Chan, who is Dario's role model. “In my opinion he is the most complete skater now, both under the technical and artistic point of view; moreover he is a very down-to-earth guy.”

Undoubtedly, Dario knows his own mind: “This season I will surely compete at the National Championships; in a few weeks we will plan my whole competition schedule. Anyway I want to compete quite early in the season, in order to gain as much experience as possible. This is going to be my first year on the ice, I have nothing to lose and I only want to show what I am able to do.”

Good luck Dario! We'll be rooting for you!

Source: ArtOnIce


  1. I really like that Napoleon program! Maybe adding transitions and deep edges will be most challenging for him because there isn't much of them in roller skating. But I'm so impressed how much the roller skating reminds of figure skating. I had no idea it's possible to jumps and spin with roller skates. I'll root for him too :D

  2. Love that program, too! Yeah, I assure you you can do jumps and spins with roller skates, my backside can confirm it after colliding with the floor so many times in an attempt to do them! :p
    Roller skating is great, maybe it has less wow factor than figure skating on ice. Transitions will be something to work on, and edges too, roller skating does not have edges, Dario will have to learn to use them. Plus Dario has character! Can't wait to see him on ice! ;)

  3. There are a few thing a roller skater can do that ice skaters cannot, like spin on your heel usually on one wheel. Spread eagle splits, impossible with blades unless customized the would be extremely hard to control. It has always been said it is much easier for a roller skater to transition to Ice than the other way around. Tara Lapinski did it, So Dario should be able to excel once the kinks are worked out.

  4. Being a former roller skater that now goes ice skating for fun, I understand what you mean. But the transition to ice requires more work on transitions and edges. Beside that, I think Dario's a great skater, and I really hope he'll be able to represent my country in some important competition in the near future.