4 April 2013

2013 World Team Trophy - Streaming and schedule

The 2013 World Team Trophy will be held in Tokyo, Japan, from 11 to 14 April. The WTT will be streamed live and for free via the ISU Channel for all countries, except for Japan, Korea and maybe few others.

Last year the videos were also uploaded afterwards on that site playlists, so you can still watch the competition if you've missed it live.

The streaming schedule SHOULD be as follow. Remember that times are GMT+1 and in this time zone now it is 

Thu, April 11
07:35 Opening Ceremony
08:15 Ice Dance Short Dance
09:35 Men Short Program
11:40 Ladies Short Program

Fri, April 12
09:00 Pairs Short Program
10:25 Ice Dance Free Dance
12:00 Men Free Program

Sat, April 13
08:15 Pairs Free Program
09:50 Ladies Free Program
11:50 Victory Ceremony

Sun, April 14
07:00 Gala Exhibition


  1. Thanks Laura!! Unluckily, due to time zone, I will loose the live for 2 days, being at work. No live Dai-chan this time! And what an early wake up on Sunday morning! To all skaters my best wishes for a gorgeous WTT (Go Japan!!)

  2. You're welcome! Yeah, same problem for me... At least last season they uploaded all the videos, let's hope they will do the same this year! ;)
    Good luck to all the skaters! I haven't a fav team anymore with all this withdrawal... so, go skaters! :p

  3. So glad that there is a live stream, we can watch from around the world. First day was a gas. Opening ceremonies were pleasant. Thank-you. Lt.

  4. Yes, it's a good thing ISU provided the live stream of the event, since so many broadcasters don't broadcast it, a pity in my opinion, since it is such a funny competition.
    Thanks to you for stopping by and commenting.