15 March 2013

2013 World Championships - DAY 2

The 2013 World Championships continued in London, Ontario, Canada, with the Ladies Short Programs and the Short Dance. If you want to have more infos about the Pairs and Men Short programs and watch the videos of the first day of competition, you can read the previous post.


Pl.  Qual.NameNationTSS
1QYuna KIMKOR69.9736.7933.188.398.078.328.368.320.00#14
2QCarolina KOSTNERITA66.8634.0133.858.468.218.438.578.641.00#34
3QKanako MURAKAMIJPN66.6436.8729.777.577.217.507.547.390.00#30
4QKaetlyn OSMONDCAN64.7335.1929.547.297.077.507.437.640.00#9
5QAshley WAGNERUSA63.9833.0630.927.757.577.797.717.820.00#31
6QMao ASADAJPN62.1029.7032.408.187.868.
7QAkiko SUZUKIJPN61.1730.7130.467.827.507.507.647.610.00#24
8QAdelina SOTNIKOVARUS59.6230.9728.657.366.897.
9QGracie GOLDUSA58.8530.2328.627.186.897.
10QViktoria HELGESSONSWE58.3630.7327.637.076.687.006.866.930.00#27
11QMae Berenice MEITEFRA56.9030.7526.156.716.296.576.576.540.00#32
12QZijun LICHN56.3130.7626.556.826.326.686.756.611.00#29
13QAlena LEONOVARUS56.3026.4729.837.577.187.547.507.500.00#35
14QElizaveta TUKTAMYSHEVARUS54.7227.9727.757.116.756.796.967.071.00#28
15QElena GLEBOVAEST54.5929.4725.126.465.966.326.366.290.00#20
16QSonia LAFUENTEESP52.4428.7923.656.145.755.935.965.790.00#18
17QNatalia POPOVAUKR51.6727.9923.685.965.756.045.965.890.00#19
18QJenna MCCORKELLGBR51.2326.6124.626.215.896.
19QMonika SIMANCIKOVASVK51.1828.7022.485.895.395.755.575.500.00#16
20QBrooklee HANAUS50.6229.5621.065.325.045.435.185.360.00#2
21QValentina MARCHEIITA50.4124.2927.126.826.506.866.826.891.00#25
22QKerstin FRANKAUT49.6627.9821.685.715.215.435.465.290.00#15
23QKexin ZHANGCHN48.8027.4621.345.685.075.395.365.180.00#4
24QNathalie WEINZIERLGER48.1426.8221.325.645.
25Isadora WILLIAMSBRA46.6326.1420.495.324.935.
26Anita MADSENDEN46.1625.3020.865.574.795.325.185.210.00#6
27Carol BRESSANUTTIITA44.5124.0320.485.394.825.
28Kaat VAN DAELEBEL42.5121.5920.925.365.005.255.325.210.00#17
29Elene GEDEVANISHVILIGEO42.4018.5424.866.546.075.936.296.251.00#22
30Tina STUERZINGERSUI42.3623.9019.465.074.574.894.964.821.00#5
31Juulia TURKKILAFIN40.7020.1320.575.324.964.935.325.180.00#3
32Anne Line GJERSEMNOR38.5319.5319.004.894.574.794.754.750.00#12
33Inga JANULEVICIUTELTU36.7919.4118.384.864.364.574.684.501.00#11
34Patricia GLESCICSLO36.6619.4918.174.754.324.504.714.431.00#1
35Alina FJODOROVALAT36.4419.4818.964.894.644.684.794.712.00#8

Kim opened her program to “Kiss of the Vampire” with a triple Lutz-triple toeloop followed by a triple flip. The 2010 Olympic Champion also produced a double Axel and picked up a level four for the footwork and the combination spin. Kim, skating in an early group, was clean, if we do not count the execution deduction on her triple flip, which took off on an outside edge instead of an inside edge. Kim scored 69.97 points.

Performing to “Transylvanian Lullaby” and “Devil’s Trill”, Kostner completed a triple loop, double Axel and three level four elements, but she went down on the triple toe-triple toe combination. The defending World Champion earned 66.86 points, a new seasons best.

Murakami’s routine to “Prayer for Taylor” included a double Axel, triple toe-triple toe and triple flip as well as three level-four spins. The 2013 Four Continents bronze medalist posted a new seasons best of 66.64 points.

Home favorite Kaetlyn Osmond made a wonderful debut with a clean short program that included a triple toe-triple toe (64.73). Ashley Wagner finished fifth (63.98 points) with a clean performance.


Pl.  Qual.NameNationTSS
1QMeryl DAVIS / Charlie WHITEUSA77.1238.2938.839.579.509.829.829.790.00#20
2QTessa VIRTUE / Scott MOIRCAN73.8735.5738.309.469.439.649.719.610.00#24
3QEkaterina BOBROVA / Dmitri SOLOVIEVRUS70.0534.7135.348.828.648.938.868.890.00#29
4QNathalie PECHALAT / Fabian BOURZATFRA69.6534.5735.088.688.548.868.938.820.00#25
5QAnna CAPPELLINI / Luca LANOTTEITA67.9334.2833.658.298.188.508.468.570.00#26
6QKaitlyn WEAVER / Andrew POJECAN67.5434.2233.328.258.048.508.398.430.00#23
7QMadison CHOCK / Evan BATESUSA66.7434.7831.967.897.718.
8QMaia SHIBUTANI / Alex SHIBUTANIUSA66.1434.1432.008.077.868.118.047.930.00#27
9QElena ILINYKH / Nikita KATSALAPOVRUS66.0731.2834.798.828.508.758.688.710.00#28
10QPenny COOMES / Nicholas BUCKLANDGBR63.6633.4330.237.397.437.797.577.610.00#21
11QNelli ZHIGANSHINA / Alexander GAZSIGER60.5930.8529.747.257.077.687.647.500.00#22
12QPernelle CARRON / Lloyd JONESFRA60.5831.8628.727.006.897.367.297.320.00#19
13QEkaterina RIAZANOVA / Ilia TKACHENKORUS59.5228.8630.667.717.467.717.797.640.00#18
14QSiobhan HEEKIN-CANEDY / Dmitri DUNUKR59.2032.9326.276.576.396.686.756.460.00#8
15QPiper GILLES / Paul POIRIERCAN58.6131.0027.616.896.507.
16QCharlene GUIGNARD / Marco FABBRIITA57.8930.8527.046.796.547.006.686.790.00#7
17QJulia ZLOBINA / Alexei SITNIKOVAZE57.8029.6528.157.186.827.217.076.930.00#16
18QIsabella TOBIAS / Deividas STAGNIUNASLTU57.3931.1326.266.546.326.686.796.500.00#9
19QCathy REED / Chris REEDJPN53.9528.2926.666.506.296.756.936.791.00#17
20QSara HURTADO / Adria DIAZESP53.1229.9223.205.685.576.045.895.820.00#4
21Lucie MYSLIVECKOVA / Neil BROWNCZE51.8228.1323.695.965.616.006.075.930.00#11
22Olesia KARMI / Max LINDHOLMFIN48.0627.2920.775.214.935.255.365.180.00#3
23Allison REED / Vasili ROGOVISR46.6325.7820.855.
24Zsuzsanna NAGY / Mate FEJESHUN45.6022.7322.875.825.545.825.865.570.00#12
25Irina SHTORK / Taavi RANDEST45.2922.7922.505.795.395.715.935.360.00#10
26Federica TESTA / Lukas CSOLLEYSVK44.7322.5022.235.545.255.645.755.570.00#6
27Justyna PLUTOWSKA / Peter GERBERPOL44.0023.5720.435.114.895.
28Alisa AGAFONOVA / Alper UCARTUR43.9822.2122.775.755.366.045.645.681.00#13
29Viktoria KAVALIOVA / Yurii BIELIAIEVBLR32.5014.5018.004.544.294.504.794.390.00#14

Davis/White’s dance to March, Waltz and Polka from the ballet “Giselle” was highlighted by fast twizzles and smooth footwork. Skating first in the second to last group, the reigning World silver medalists picked up a level four for the twizzles, the circular footwork, the lift and the second Polka sequence to set a new personal best of 77.12 points.

Virtue/Moir’s dance to “The Waltz Goes On” featured two level-four Polka sequences and a level-four rotational lift, but  with unison problems on the twizzle sequence (level three). The defending World Champions picked up 73.87 points.

Performing to a Polka and Waltz from Russian movies, Bobrova/Soloviev produced three level-four elements and earned a new personal best score of 70.05 points.

2012 World bronze medalists Nathalie Pechalat/Fabian Bourzat placed third at 69.65 points with a Polka and Waltz to a French Can Can and Waltz. European bronze medalists Anna Cappellini/Luca Lanotte finished fifth with a dance to “Seven Brides for Seven Brothers” (67.93 points). Kaitlyn Weaver/Andrew Poje, skating for the first time since a broken fibula took Weaver out in December, round up the top six at 67.54 points. 

Source: ISU

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