19 February 2013

A new male champion for Italy?

Good news for Italian figure skating fans! After Samuel Contesti's decision to turn professional last year, the field losing the best Italian male skater of the last five seasons, leaving us fans to cheer for the lovely Paolo Bacchini and the new entry of the team - and current Italian champion - Paul Bonifacio Parkinson, be prepared to welcome another skater and great champion in the family.

Indeed, it seems that world champion Dario Betti is assessing if he has any chance to move succesfully from roller skating to ice skating, with a trial at Stadio del Ghiaccio Agorà, Milan, with Lucia Civardi, who helped Matteo Guarise to do the same. The test seems to have been satisfactory.

While waiting to see him on ice, let's watch the FP with wich he won last Worlds, in Auckland.

Source: Doppio Axel


  1. Sounds interesting, I wish him good luck! Plus he looks quite hot...so I hope to see him competing on ice one day ;)

  2. It is interesting, indeed! He is a great - and hot ;) - roller skater. Hope he'll be a great ice skater, too. If I found any video of his ice practice I'll post it. :)

  3. It is very intresting indeed ! He is a Great roller skater - hope that he could be as well a great ice skater - surely he could do

    This Sound very Good for me !

  4. Yeah, we need a strong male skater. I'm very curious to see him on ice. Didn't find any video yet... :(