29 February 2012

The Cup of Alexei Mishin

The Cup of Alexei Mishin

On March 10th the Figure Skating Federation of St. Petersburg, on the occasion of  Alexei Mishin's birthday, holds The Cup of Alexei Mishin, an international competition. The competition will be held at Yubileiny arena, the same rink where his students train.
Any skater, who has reached the age of 18, can take part in the competition. The Cup of Alexei Mishin will be held on the rules of the International Skating Union and Alexei Mishin will take part at the award ceremony.
Tickets can be purchased at SC “Yubileiny” (pr. Dobrolyubov, 18). They can also be ordered at the Figure Skating Federation of St. Petersburg by phone: (812) 349-43-90 or at Tupolev Street, 4, office 2.17.

Source: Fskate.ru

28 February 2012

Plushenko's back injury does not need surgery

Evgeny Plushenko's back injury does not require surgery.
February 23 Evgeni had a successful knee surgery in Munich, Germany. Plushenko needed special injections on the troublesome knee before winning his seventh European champions title in Sheffield, last month. Eager to compete on home ice at the 2014 Sochi Olympics, Plushenko said he needed to undergo surgery to sort out his knee issues before resuming training for the next season.
He had anticipated needing to undergo surgery again for a hernia that had been found in his spine, but tweeted on Monday that an operation wouldn't be required: “Good news about the back! Operation is not needed!!!”

“The injury will be treated with non-invasive methods: injections into the muscles, physiotherapy, acupuncture,” Russian skating team doctor Yaroslav Bugaev said Tuesday, adding the injury would stop causing Plushenko pain after a minimum two weeks' treatment.
Plushenko is expected to take a month to recover from surgery on knee cartilage before continuing with his training. This means that Plushenko will have to skip the world championships in Nice, France, which start on March 26, putting off the confrontation with his Canadian rival Patrick Chan until this season.

Sources: RiaNovosti, World Figure Skating

26 February 2012

Plushenko: 14 years, in 16 minutes!

14 years (from 1996 to 2010) of Plushenko's programs and costumes in 16 minutes. Enjoy!

24 February 2012

Two new pairs to watch out for!

Aliona & Robin, Tatiana & Maxim, Yuko & Alexander, Stefania & Ondrej be careful! The higher step of the podium of the next Olympics could be of one of these two new pairs!

Watch out, then! Judging by these videos, we could expect a new entry in the Hall of Fame of the figure skating. Are you ready to cheer for these two new pairs?

23 February 2012

Plushenko had knee surgery today!

Yesterday Alexei Mishin, Plushenko's coach, said in an interview: "Plushenko's spine will not be cut up, and the leg will not be cut off."

Not much as an assurance, is it? But we all Plushenko's fans can relax! Plushenko had his knee operation today in Germany and feels good!

Plushenko skated through the pain of a knee injury to win his seventh European title last month, putting off much-needed surgery on his meniscus cartilage, which he had today in Munich, but he will not recover in time for next week's world championships in Nice, France.

"Hello to everyone! Had surgery, I feel good!! I love you all," Plushenko said on Twitter. "After anesthesia, I slept all day."

Plushenko has said his recovery from surgery will take at least a month.

Photos courtesy of Sarynka.

22 February 2012

Johnny Weir is back, and it's QUAD!

Johnny Weir fans, I have news for you all here!

After Vancouver 2010 Johnny Weir took a break. He became a tv star and a fashion designer, he dedicated himself to shows and also got married!

Then, he announced his comeback last January. And, in fact, he resumed training with his coach Galina Zmievskaya.

From his blog, it seems that all is going well, and yesterday Johnny landed a quad toeloop! Yesss!

This photo was tweeted (I've already said how much I love Johnny Weir's twitter skin?) by Victor Voronov, Johnny's husband, last night after what must have been a very long day of practice, with this caption: "Came downstairs and found @JohnnyGWeir like this."
Well, at least Johnny managed to take off his shoes before collapsing...

Johnny Weir @ Official Johnny Weir Blog.

Some news about the music, then: his SP music is edited by Hugo Chouinard. And his coach approved it!

Former ice dancer Hugo Chouinard has created competitve and gala programs music for a wide variety of skaters. Included on the long list of clients is Yu-Na Kim, Joannie Rochette, Qing Pang & Jian Tong; but also Jamie Sale & David Pelletier, Shizuka Arakawa, Sasha Cohen, Johnny Weir, Alissa Cziny, Brian Joubert, Daisuke Takahashi, Nobunari Oda, Tatiana Volosozhar & Maxim Trankov, Kiira Korpi, Tomáš Verner, Cynthia Phaneuf and many more!
Hugo has also collaborated with coaches and choreographers, including Brian Orser, Kurt Browning, Yuka Sato, Pasquale Camerlengo.

International Challenge Cup 2012 - SCHEDULE

This year The Hague will host the Challenge Cup from 8 to 11 March.
Here is the schedule of the senior competition:

9 March
16.15-19.00 Men SP
19.26-23.00 Ladies SP

10 March
14.15-15.45 Men FS
18.00-22.10 Ladies FS

If you want more info about the competition or the entries, read my post International Challenge Cup - RESTORED.

21 February 2012


The ISU World Campionships, Nizza, are on their way (26/3-1/4). The International Challenge Cup, The Hague, is coming soon, too (8-11/3). But it's to much time for figure skating fans like us, who risk cold turkey.

So, what about watching the complete collection of last European Championships videos with me?

Do you like the idea? What you're waiting for, then? Hit play and enjoy!

Two surgeries for Evgeni Plushenko

Evgeny Pluschenko (RIA Novosti / Vladimir Pesnya)

It seems that Evgeni's spine also needs to go under the knife in addition to knee surgery, which was announced earlier.
"They found a hernia in my spine and it is a decent size,” Pluschenko told Sport-Express newspaper. "Therefore I’ll need further surgery."

Health problems will see Plushenko missing out on the Word Figure Skating Championship. But according to Mishin, the break is essential. “Now is the perfect moment to deal with health problems, because we have long-term sporting plans,” Mishin said. “In April, we will start working on the new program. In order to improve, we’ll turn to foreign experts. I’ll keep their names secret for now. But we want to benefit from the European and American experience."

Sources: RT.com, Sports.ru

20 February 2012

Kings On Ice back in 2012! With Plushenko, Stéphane Lambiel and Brian Joubert.

KingsOnIce2012 243x350 Kings On Ice 2012 la Bucureşti
Kings on Ice will bring to Bucharest a series of amazing skating performances from famous skaters on April, 7.

Kings on Ice has become a tradition in Romania, and this year new names will be add to the show, enhanced with Edvin Marton’s Stradivarious, beside the already famous ones of Evgeni Plushenko and Stephane Lambiel.
Tickets for the Kings On Ice 2012 show are available in Diverta stores and online at http://www.myticket.ro/en/bilete/571/detaliilocatie/kings-on-ice.html for prices ranging between 100 and 400 lei.

Some Participants (for now, but more to come):  
Evgeni Plushenko
Stephane Lambiel
Brian Joubert
Fumie Suguri
Surya Bonaly
Ekaterina Bobrova & Dmitri Soloviev
Vera Bazarova & Yuri Larionov
Fiona Zaldua & Dmitri Sukhanov

Official Site: Amphitrion

18 February 2012

International Challenge Cup - RESTORED

The International Challenge Cup is an annual figure skating competition held in the spring. Skaters compete across the levels of Senior, Junior, Novice, and the pre-Novice, in the disciplines of men's singles, ladies singles, pair skating, and ice dancing, although not all disciplines have been held in every level every year due to a lack of participants.

The competition has not been held since 2009, but this year we will see also the top contenders for the World podium competing in The Hague from March, 9 to March, 11Karolina Kostner and Valentina Marchei, Viktoria Helgesson and Alissa Czisny; Brian Joubert and Florent Amodio, Samuel Contesti and Jeremy Abbott.

A total of 105 participants are expected from all countries such as Canada, the United States, Russia, Korea, Japan and of course from Europe.

Alissa Czisny - 2012 U.S. Figure Skating Championships

Source: Examiner.com

17 February 2012

Euros 2012 - Focus on Plushenko

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What Plushenko did this Euros was incredible. We all almost forgot about his knee and back, I'm sure.
Johnny Weir twitted his congratulations to Evgeni for his 7th European title.

For the coach Tatjana Tarasova, Evgeni Plushenko leads the world men’s figure skating. Tarasova thinks that the return of Plushenko is a remarkable event for this sport: he won the victory over himself, his pain, and showed to the world how a great sportsman of nowadays should behave and live.

After the short program, Evgeni said that he wouldn't risk to jump the quad in the free, but in the end he did it! He told the press that on Friday evening he did the triple and felt that he could do more. So he jumped the quad and felt that the knee did not hurt. The day of the competition he did the same thing in training and the quad worked again. With every year it becomes more difficult to skate. Old injuries start to be felt and new ones appear. That is why he is so happy of his performance and feels like beginning a new period in his career.

When he was asked if, having changed his mind about the quad, he could change it for the Worlds too,  he said that now he thinks only  to repair his ailing knee. In fact, Plushenko said on Twitter he will have the knee operation in Germany, and will miss the Worlds in Nice so he can recover from the surgery. The surgery on his left knee will be his second in less than a year. Plushenko uses his left leg to take off for both his axel and salchow jumps, and he uses it to pick in for his toe loops.

In a beautiful article, Barbara Castellaro points out that some journalists were ready to speak about Zhenya withdrawal without considering the fact that Evgeni, who has already entered in the legends of sports, competes against Evgeni.

Plushenko, quoting Castellaro, "athlete from the character of steel with eyes like Siberian lakes", filled "the ice rink with his presence, his charisma, his personality and with the notes of sensual Tango de Roxanne". And she goes on saying that "in Sheffield’s ice dropped the silence, like in the temples of ancient Greece during a sacred ceremony." Evgeni skated with a great passion, "in the manner and with a grace which can be compared with Nureyev’s dances".

When the music ended, the spectators from all over the world started to breathe again. Evgeni gave us the most preciuos gift of it all: his smile. Plushenko won in spite of critics, health’s problem and people who called him “too old to win”.

Thanks to Sarynka for her beautiful pic!

16 February 2012

Alexei Mishin: Between the Stars - Алексей Мишин. Между звездами

For all Mishin fans, and for all my Russian readers in particular, a tv show broadcasted in Russia on February, 11 2012.

Unluckly, I don't speak Russian. If someone is so kind to provide a translation, even of the general meaning, it will be very welcome.

Four Continents 2012 - GALA

Sorry for the delay, but Youtube was so slow uploading the videos...
I seize the opportunity to announce the creation of this blog channel on Youtube, Hot Blades, Hot Passion channel. Visit it and subcribe to have a sneak peak of the videos before I post them here, and to see others beautiful videos from other authors.

For the first time in five years, the Four Continents Championships were held in the United States, and the home team taked six of the 12 available medals! Canada was second in the medal count with three, Japan won two, and China took one.
Four Continents is the final major senior international event of the season before the World Championships in Nice, France, at the end of March. While waiting for the Worlds to kick off, lets watch toghether the 4CC Gala!

Just click play for the playlist to start playing. To skip from one video to another, click on the playlist button on the bottom-right part of the palyer and select the video you want to watch (come on, you know how to use Youtube, I don't need to teach you how it works!)

13 February 2012

Four Continents 2012 - FD RESULTS

Tessa Virtue and Scott Moir defeated their rivals and training mates, Meryl Davis and Charlie White.  While neither team skated their best, it was the base value that vaulted the Canadians to the top.

2012 Four Continents: Free Dance


Tessa and Scott were precise in their steps and solid in their lifts, earning them the highest levels on all but one of their elements.

Meryl and Charlie looked strong during the first half of their free dance, but less during the latter parts of the program.  Their technical elements were valued 3.50 points below those of Virtue and Moir.


They skated an emotional free dance and defeated U.S. silver medalists Maia Shibutani and Alex Shibutani for the bronze.

Alex Shibutani has been battling illness this week, and the high-altitude conditions didn't help.

Four Continents 2012 - PAIRS FP RESULTS

Even without reigning World bronze medalists Qing Pang and Jian Tong, China still took the top spot with Wenjing Sui and Cong Han. The Americans taked the silver and bronze.


Throw quad salchow (two-footed), side-by-side triple toe-double toe-double toe, quad twist, a bit out of sync on their side-by-side spins, side-by-side double axel, throw triple flip. Sui and Han skated a technically ambitious free skate. The difficulty was reflected in their marks, with the technical portion of their free skate score being almost 13 points higher than the rest of the field.


Turandot - Triple twist, throw triple loop, side-by-side triple toe, side-by-side double axel-double axel sequence (Denney singled  first), throw triple flip. Coughlin caught a toepick and almost swung Denney down on her head in the exit of the final lift...


Side-by-side triple toe (Marley falled), triple twist, side-by-side double axel (Marley stepped out), throw triple lutz, throw triple salchow (step out),


12 February 2012

Four Continents 2012 - LADIES FP RESULTS

U.S. champion Ashley Wagner taked the surprise gold over two-time World champion Mao Asada!

2012 Four Continents: Ladies' free skate

Ashley Wagner

Black Swan - Triple flip-double toe-double toe, double axel-double toe (too slow on the landing of the axel to put in the triple toe), triple lutz (nice save), spread eagle into triple loop, triple salchow, triple loop-double toe, triple flip. Second after the short program, Wagner needed an incredible skate to have a chance at defeating Asada. She did just that!

Mao Asada

Libestraume - Triple axel (two-foot), triple flip-double loop, triple lutz (hand down), double axel-triple toe, triple flip-double loop-double loop, double salchow, triple loop (two-foot). An underrotation call and a two-footed landing on her opening triple axel and a hand down on her triple lutz, and Asada was unable to hold onto her slim lead from the short program.

Caroline Zhang

Triple flip-double toe, triple lutz, double axel, triple loop,  triple flip-double toe-double loop, triple loop-double toe, double axel. Zhanh nailed the bronze pulling up from fourth after the short program.
I loved her costume!

Four Continents 2012 - SD RESULTS

The Latin-themed short dance featured four of the top teams in the world, and World champions Meryl Davis and Charlie White  taked the lead over Olympic champions Tessa Virtue and Scott Moir.


They had some slight errors, but they were able to outscore their rivals.


Virtue and Moir skated a technically cleaner short dance than Davis/White, but they received lower technical marks because their base value was lower than that of Davis/White. Though they deservedly received higher components marks

Four Continents 2012 - PAIRS SP RESULTS

Sui and Han lead pairs SP by over three points. the top eight pairs are only separated by ten points.

Triple twist, side-by-side triple toe, throw triple flip. Young but technically very good.


Huge triple twist, side-by-side triple toe, throw triple flip (hangs on).


Their short program was marred by a two-footed landing on their throw triple lutz, but they were otherwise strong


Side-by-side triple salchow (Takahashi fell), triple twist, throw triple salchow. Very elegant.

11 February 2012

Four Continents 2012 - LADIES SP RESULTS

Mao Asada is ahead by a thin margin over U.S. champion Ashley Wagner.

Mao Asada

Scheherazade - Asada attempted her trademark triple axel. But it was underrotated and two-footed. The rest of her program was clean, including a triple flip-double loop and a solo triple loop.

Ashley Wagner
She pulled out a triple flip-triple toe, with a slight two-foot on the landing of the second jump. But her strong technical elements and high program component marks kept her in contention with Asada.

Kanako Murakami

She skated a clean short program that included a triple toe-triple toe combination to put her in third position.

Four Continents 2012 - MEN FP RESULTS

Patrick Chan added a second Four Continents title to his CV, as he continues his undefeated season with a winning streak of eight competitions in a row.

Patrick Chan

Concerto de Aranjuez - Chan hitted a quad toe-triple toe and a solo quad toe to start. He added five more clean triples and put his foot down on a sixth.

Daisuke Takahashi

He two-footed his opening quad toe and popped his first triple axel. The rest of his program was solid but not flawless, with an underrotated second triple axel that kept him from staying with Chan’s technical base value.

Ross Miner

The Untouchables - He moved up from sixth to third to capture the bronze with a six-triple free skate: triple axel, triple axel-double toe, triple lutz-triple toe (steps out), triple salchow-double toe-double loop, triple lutz (fall), double loop, double axel (steps out), triple flip (two-foot).