10 October 2012

Masters' d'Orleans - Results

For the first time, France 3 Centre broadcasted live a part of the Master's d'Orleans.

1 Florent AMODIO FRA 230.38
2 Brian JOUBERT FRA 221.50
3 Chafik BESSEGHIER FRA 200.38
4 Romain PONSART FRA 170.76
5 Florian LEJEUNE FRA 162.53

The biggest challenge was that between Florent Amodio and Brian Joubert. And for the second time in a row was Florent to win the Master's with 230.38 against 221.50.

Florent Amodio skated his short on a Flamenco. He fell on the initial 4S, however the 3Lz3T combo and 3A were well executed in the second half of the program, as well as a good steps sequence. Florent also took a deduction for exceeding the time allowed. In the free, Amodio put an hand down on the first 3A, while it fell on the second that was supposed to be in combination. He also made an error on the flip, taken from the wrong edge and doubled.

Brian Joubert did a 4T3T combo in his short, but he put an hand down on the 3A and had a call for the edge on the 3F. Very well done the steps sequence on the Daft Punk music. Some errors in the free, with a 3T in place of quad and two imprecise 3A imperfect.

1 Lénaëlle GILLERON - GORY FRA 155.77
2 Maé Bérénice MEITE FRA 144.97
3 Léna MARROCCO FRA 139.11
4 Candice DIDIER FRA 114.24

1 Nathalie PECHALAT / Fabian BOURZAT FRA 176.05
2 Pernelle CARON / Loyd JONES FRA 145.58

1 Vanessa JAMES / Morgan CIPRES FRA 50.81
2 Daria POPOVA / Bruno MASSOT FRA 48.31


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