22 October 2012

Golden Skate Awards 2012 in streaming

If you've missed the Golden Skate Awards which have been held in Turin on 20, October 2012, get ready to rejoice because you can watch it this Sunday!

Sunday 28, October 2012, the Golden Skate Awards will be brodcasted by Italia1 from 16:00 to 17:35 (GMT+1). As always, now in Rome it is

Here the cast of the show:

-Evgeny Plushenko
-Stéphane Lambiel
-Elvis Stojko
-Irina Slutskaya
-Laura Lepisto
-Elizaveta Tuktamysheva
-Nicole Della Monica - Matteo Guarise
-Tatiana Totmianina - Maxim Marinin
-Elena Ilinykh - Nikita Katsalapov
-Margarita Dobriasko - Povilas Vanagas
-Shining Blades

You can watch the show directly here. Please, tell me if you encounter any problem or if you find the stream is geoblocked.

Note: the channel is not hosted on this site, therefore we're not responsible in any way of its content or for any copyright infringement.


  1. Thanks! The stream works for me! :)

  2. I'm happy to hear it! :)
    I hope the show is the 2012 edition and not last year, because the broadcaster does not specify, but from the Palavela (the rink) we've heard about the 2012 edition being broadcasted this Sunday... Crossing my fingers it's the right one, otherwise, oh well last year GSA was great too! ;)

  3. hi Laura, do you think it could GSA of tha last year?? I didn't thought about it.

  4. No no, I think it IS this year GSA! :) I've checked: the Palavela seems to imply it is this year edition and on Sorrisi (yes, I know what are you thinking, what a cultural reading! :p) it says that it is hosted by Barbara Fusar Poli and it is the show of Sunday 21 Oct, so it should be this year edition. I had misgivings about it at firt because Mediaset's site didn't give any details, but now I'm almost sure it is the 2012 GSA that will be broadcasted on Sunday! ;)

  5. Thanks for this important detail Laura!! I'm ready to record :-)

  6. You're very welcome Lelo! :)