5 October 2012

Brian Joubert to try pairs?

But what happened to verybody? It seems that the list of skaters who want to try pairs after saying their farwell to the single competitions strats to get longer...

We already read about Kevin Van Der Perren, 30 years old, who wants to try pairs and is currently searching for a partner.

But I'm sure you still didn't knew about Brian Joubert!

The 2007 world champion Brian Joubert stated during the Master's d'Orleans that he "wants to try" pairs after ending his career as a single skater after the Olympic Games in Sochi. The coach he talked to was not convinced, but Joubert wants still to do a test after he Olympics. This is something that really tempts him.

Brian thinks it could be good for him,  sharing the emotions with someone during the competition, somthing you can't do when you skate alone. He thinks it will be helpful for him also as a coach, since he wants to train pairs.

Source: sport.fr


  1. Don't know why your comment disappeared while publishing it!!! Stupid blog!!!
    Anyway, I'd love to do the test mayself... but I fear we'd have to join the line. A loooong line! ;)

  2. Noo but What is all this sudden passion for skating in pairs.
    Stéphane Lambiel have a wonderful duet with Carolina Kostner in Opera on Ice - Kevin Van Der Perren is searching for a partner with which made a couple skate.
    And now even Brian Joubert want do skate in pairs - what a strange air pull in single skating skaters ...
    I am so curious to see the results!

  3. It seems that everybody loves pairs! :p Kevin, I can see him in pairs. But Babou's not the pairs type, in my opinion... Anyway, I'm curious too to see how he does ;)