9 October 2012

2012 Medal Winners Open

There was a terrific amount of competitions this week! You can read everything about the 2012 Ondrej Nepela Memorial in this post and here.  All the results and videos about the Finlandia Trophy can be found here and here. You can read about the Japan Open results and watch all the videos in this post.

The Medal Winners Open featured a big-name field of Olympic and World champions and medalists from the past two few decades.


2008 World champion Jeffrey Buttle, who also competed in the Japan Open, took the men's title.

1Jeffrey ButtleCAN 83.4036.0247.389.329.509.469.469.640.00#1
2Kurt BrowningCAN 71.5723.3548.229.439.469.689.799.860.00#6
3Ilia KulikRUS 69.9327.1542.788.758.218.618.578.640.00#5
4Takeshi HondaJPN 69.3227.1742.158.648.048.548.368.570.00#2
5Alexei YagudinRUS 69.1023.6745.439.078.689.329.049.320.00#3
6Philippe CandeloroFRA 51.6314.9140.728.047.368.188.328.824.00#4


2006 Olympic champion Shizuka Arakawa won the ladies' event with a perfect double axel triple toe, spins, and an ending Ina Bauer.

1Shizuka ArakawaJPN 64.8029.3235.488.938.509.008.899.040.00#5
2Joannie RochetteCAN 63.4728.1835.298.648.549.048.869.040.00#4
3Irina SlutskayaRUS 61.9727.4134.568.688.258.898.648.750.00#6
4Sarah MeierSUI 54.5322.8531.687.967.508.047.938.180.00#1
5Laura LepistoFIN 52.9820.1832.807.967.938.368.298.460.00#3
6Kimmie MeissnerUSA 51.9021.3630.547.687.257.717.717.820.00#2

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