5 September 2012

US Figure Skating champions go Olympic (not what you may think!)

U.S. Figure Skating champions go Olympic in these videos. You'll be thinking at some sort of training with a view to Sochi 2014... Well, think again!
Russian tsarinas of rythmic gymnastics, Italian farfalle and Byelorussian team you'll have to watch out for new and promising contenders! The proof? Here the new routines with four different pieces of apparatus of the new stars of rythmic gymnastics at the 2012 U.S. Figure Skating Champs Camp.

Team Balls. Featuring John Coughlin, Marissa Castelli, Colin McManus, Johnny Weir, Meryl Davis, Alex Shibutani, Logan Giulietti-Schmitt, Caroline Zhang, Douglas Razzano. Set to "Hips Don't Lie" by Shakira.

Team Ribbons. Featuring Jeremy Abbott, Evan Bates, Anastasia Cannuscio, Simon Shnapir, Alissa Czisny, Agnes Zawadzki, Caitlin Yankowskas, Don Bladwin, Mirai Nagasu, Richard Dornbush. Set to "Ghosts and Stuff" by deadmau5.

Team Hula Hoop. Featuring Charlie White, Mark Ladwig, Ross Miner, Gretchen Donlan, Lynn Kriengkrairut, Lindsay Davis, Josh Reagan, Christina Gao, Rachael Flatt. Set to "Ice, Ice Baby" by Vanilla Ice.

Team Jump Rope. Featuring Ashley Wagner, Andrew Speroff, Maia Shibutani, Caydee Denney, Zach Donohue, Adam Rippon, Madison Chock, Tiffany Vise, Gracie Gold. Set to "Chariots of Fire." Team Jump Rope was selected as the winning team by an esteemed panel of judges.

But do you think figure skaters are the only crazy athlets? No, they aren't! We've already seen the USA Olympic swimming team performing 'Call Me Maybe' in London, during the Games (you can see them here, along with two performances directed by the Shibs). But serious ballet dancers can be funny too. The proof? The corps de ballet from La Scala of Milan, Italy, and the étoile Roberto Bolle have some fun in the ballet rehearsal hall. Set to "Tu mi porti su" by Giorgia.

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