30 September 2012

Nebelhorn Trophy 2012 - Day 2

The Nebelhorn Trophy is the first senior competition of the season, which will be followed by the Finlandia Trophy next week.

Day 1 included men's SP, pairs' SP and the short dance. Day 2 includes ladies' SP, and pairs' and men's FP.


Russia’s Adelina Sotnikova took lead in ladies short programs with a result of 58.48 points. Despite the fall on her triple toe-triple toe combination, she did well the other technical elements, she landed a good triple flip and double axel and received level 4 on all her spins.

Canadian skater Kaetlyn Osmond debuted in senior skating with a second place and 55.68 points. She had troubles with triple toe-triple toe too, then she executed a good triple flip and double axel.

Elena Glebova skated to the music of Rolando Tambin and scored 54.26 points. She did a triple lutz, a shaky triple toe-triple toe and a good double axel.

Polina Shelepen executed a triple lutz-triple toe, a triple loop and double axel, but lost some points on step sequence and spins that, with the exeption of a beautiful lay back, were judged a level two.

Caroline Zhang was one of the favourites for the podium, but got a tenth place caused by a struggle in jumping: she didn't complete the combo and struggled in the landing of triple loop and triple flip that was under rotated too.


Tatiana Volosozhar / Maxim Trankov's program is dedicated to Japan and its tragic events of 2011. This story is made from personal experience of Tatiana and Maxim: the story of two young people who fell into that tragedy and trying to save each other. They opened with a trademark triple twist, triple salchow-double toe side by side, throw triple loop, triple toe side by side and throw triple salchow. Flawless and amazing performance which got standing ovations by the audience.

Caydee Denney / John Coughlin won silver skating to the “Phantom of the Opera”. They demonstrated high-quality elements, but to have still problems with components.

James/Cypres had a tough free skate in which they struggled with almost any jumping element, hardly landed. Anyway they saved the bronze medal with 96.52.

Mari Vartmann / Aaron van Cleave of Germany and Vera Bazarova / Yuri Larionov have withdrawn Friday from pair skating competition. Vartmann suffered an injury in the pairs short program, when she picked into her right foot with her blade and was unable to train this morning. Vera Bazarova is suffering from an injury to her hip joint according to the medical bulletin.


For the third consecutive year, the Nebelhorn Trophy goes to Japan. Nobunari Oda (233.33 points), who also won the last year’s tournament, for the first time executed a so-called Rippon Lutz (Rippon's signature move, a triple lutz that he executes with both arms on his head). He executed also a quad toe, not perfect, two triple axels, triple lutz-triple toe and three more triples.

The silver medalist Konstantin Menshov (212.94 points) was the only man to land clean and flawless quadruple toe loop. He performed the entire program with ease. He got all positive goes except for a singled axel (scheduled to be double).

Keegan Messing earned 142.22 points along with the bronze medal. He did a couple of triple axels successfully (one in combo with a triple toe in the second half of the program) but fell on attempted quad toe.

Tomas Verner and Michal Brezina had disappointing free skates and ranked sixth and fifth. Michal struggled a lot falling on three of his jumps (quad salchow, triple axel, triple loop).

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