27 September 2012

Musical on Ice in streaming

A breathtaking show will be brodcasted live by Idealweb.tv Saturday, September 29 at 20:30 GMT+1.

The Lugano Skating Club organizes for its 50th anniversary an Ice Show with special guest stars and international skaters.

And here is the cast for this unprecedented show.

Alexei Yagudin
Tatiana Totmianina e Maxim Marinin
Florent Amodio
Vladimir Besedin e Oleksiy Polischuk
Valentina Marchei
Stefania Berton e Ondrej Hotarek
Lorenza Alessandrini e Simone Vaturi
Elisa Angeli

And La Compagnia di Ghiaccio_Spettacolo, who will also organize the show.

Infos on the tickets to see the show in Lugano are here.


  1. Wow! It's very unusual that a show is streamed live! I will try to watch this, I already miss seeing Amodio!

  2. Idealweb.tv brodcasts often live shows, like Stars On Ice (http://hotbladeshotpassion.blogspot.it/2012/08/ghiaccio-spettacolo-stars-on-ice-live.html) or Music on Ice (http://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLC661F3C645ADF017&feature=plcp)
    I love Amodio too. I'm curious to see his programs for the new season!

  3. Thank you Laura for share this info i tried to see that show in streaming ...... i am so curious to se Yagudin skating

  4. This evening I'll be watching it for sure!!! It's a lifetime I don't see Yagudin skating... But also Vale, Amodio, Berton/Hotarek, and Vladimir Besedin and Oleksiy Polischuk! I love those two crazy guys!!!

  5. Surely it is an interesting show - my friend Wilma and his daughter lives in Switzerland come to se this show live this evening - lucky womans

  6. Lucky girls for sure! I had to admit that after Yagudin, and an endless break, I went to bed... I'll watch the others skaters today. :p
    But I really loved Alessandrini/Vaturi and the Acrobats. And Yagudin of course! ;)

  7. Hi, I didnt see this post :-( I went to lugano. I was so impressed by Yagudin. Fantastic. I saw live (I use to see live a skater before judge) also Chan and Takahashi. But they didnt give me great sensations. Better Taka but Chan for me is only a very good skater.

  8. It was a great show, but I have to admit that there were to much dead times... Anyway, I loved Yagudin! My mother comment was "Now I understand why he was plushenko's main rival". She had never seen him before the show. I'm not a fan of Chan, I prefer Daisuke too. ;)

  9. Great Laura! :-) dead times? maybe a little between the performance but I think it was not boring. It's a now kind of shows. We'll see the next ones of this company.

  10. Maybe it was only a feeling seeing it in streaming from home, because of the times it went black for every pause. But I loved the show, and the Acrobats too. I'd love to see them live.