12 September 2012

Kevin Van der Perren to try pairs?

Yes, I've seen the look on your face! It's the same look I had when I read this amazing news on Sequins on Ice, a good Finnish figure skating blog I recommend you to visit.

It seems that Kevin Van Der Perren, 30 years old, wants to try pairs and is currently searching for a partner, but she'll not be Belgian, or his own wife.

It is a pretty surprising news if you think that was only last February, during Sheffield Euros that Kevin announced it would have been his last competition. Than, unfortunately, he had to withdraw due to a wrist injury and decided to postpone his farewell to competitive skating. So, in April, he participated to Nice Worlds and hang up his skates, turning professional.

And now what? I don't know, really. But I would't mind seeing him in this new adventure as a pair skater.

Source: Sporza


  1. LOL, thanks for the shout out :) I will definitely root for Kevin and his new pair, I really hope they will compete one day :D

  2. You're very welcome! And thanks to YOU for the news. Me too. I'd love to see him skating in a pair! ;)

  3. It's really a Strange news Laura - and i am very surprised for this info.

    And now what can we see ? i hope intresting thinks !

    And thank you for submit the blog adress - it's a very interesting blog.

    Have a nice day my dear

  4. That's quite strange, you're right. Oh, I miss him so much already!!!

    You're welcome! I'm always happy to publicize good blog! ;)