26 September 2012

Finlandia Trophy in streaming

On Sequins on Ice I've read a wonderful news for all figure skaters fans that, like me, are outside Finland: Finnish TV company Yle will stream the Finlandia Trophy on Saturday and Sunday and the stream will not be geoblocked!

The 17th edition of the annual event will be held from October 5–7, 2012 in Espoo, Finland.

Competitors in this edition of the Finlandia Trophy are:


Koppel Samuel
Lagus Julian
Versluis Matthias
Virtanen Valtter
Zubik Viktor
Hanyu Yuzuru
Nakamura Kento
Cieplucha Maciej
Bush Zhan
Javier Fernandez
Schultheiss Adrian
Redin Mikael
Dornbush Richard
Weir Johnny
Ge Misha


Vannut Ira
Costa Jasmine
Korpi Kiira
Mikonsaari Alisa
Papp Beata
Turkkila Juulia
Maxwell Fleur
Lipnitskaya Yulia
Lafuente Sonia
Olsson Isabelle
Popova Natali
Nagasu Mira


Volodenkova Lesia-Vakunov Vitaly
Virtue Tessa-Moir Scott
Shtork Irina-Rand Taavi
Karmi Olesia-Lindholm Max
Lindholm Henna-Kanervo Ossi
Turoczi Dora-Major Balazs
Cappellini Anna-Lanotte Luca
Guignard Charlene-Fabbri Marco
Oi Bryna-Mizutani Taiyo
Plutowska Justyna-Gerber Peter
Bobrova Ekaterina-Soloviev Dmitri
Elsener Ramona-Roost Florian
Heekin-Canedy Siobhan-Dun Dmitri
Hubbel Madison-Donohue Zachary

In Helsinki it's .

On Saturday 6th October at 17:15 local time (16:15 GMT+1 )Yle will broadcast the ladies' SP and the short dance. The streaming is here: http://areena.yle.fi/tv/1683053

On Sunday 7th October at 17:50 local time (16:50 GMT+1) it will broadcast the ladies' free program and the free dance: http://areena.yle.fi/tv/1683057

 28/9: Yle added the caption "men" to Sunday broadcasting.
 28/9: Just recived an email from Yle. They say: "Sunday 7.10 we are broadcasting men's and ladies' Free Skating and Free Dance. Unfortunately we cannot provide men's skating live, but you can see the best parts of mens' programs on sunday."

I am hoping that they will also show the best of the men's competition... But, being prepared for the worst, there is always the trusted YouTube and some generous fans!

This is Johnny Weir's first international competition after he took a two year hiatus from competitive skating and recently announced that he was back for the 2012-2013 season, with the ultimate goal of representing the US at the 2014 Sochi Winter Olympics. I'm really intrigued to see how he'll do!

Thanks again to Sequins on Ice for the good news!

Source: Finlandia Trophy


  1. Want to see men's sp & lp!**'*'☆Please !

  2. If you want to tell YLE that you wish to see a livestream of the men's competition in Finlandia Trophy, please send an e-mail to: yle.urheilu@yle.fi. That should go directly to their sports division.

  3. @Anon1: me too!!! I was searching for a web streaming of Yle that's not geoblocked. I'll let you know if I find something. ;)

    @Anon2: your idea is not bad at all! Maybe if LOTS of fans sends them e-mails... Are you sure that it's the correct address? I could tweet it to my followers asking them to do the same and hoping Yle will hear us.

  4. I just checked Yle's program guide and now they have added the men's free program there too!! :) But they will be showed during Sunday's stream, when the actual competition is held on Saturday. Did you already email to Yle about it? Maybe it helped?

  5. You're right! Wow! Yes I mailed them, but don't think my mail changed anything (or I'm going to get a swelled head :p ) Also beacause I still haven't got any answer. I'll let you know if they answer me. :)

  6. Anon 2 here. I got a reply from YLE saying we can see the highlights of men's free on Sunday's broadcast. I thanked her kindly but asked further if there was any way we could get a livestream of men's competition, even if they don't plan to broadcast it live on TV. I doubt they'll do it, but I figured it won't hurt to keep trying :P

  7. Mailed them too and got the same reply. Persevering, I love it! ;) Let me know if they tell you anything, even if they say no. I'm not sure if the problem is that they can broadcast men in Finland, but not outside, or they can't broadcast them, period. Anyway, I tried to find other sources for Yle streaming, but I had no luck. I'll keep searching. :)

  8. Anon 2 again. I'm communicating with them in Finnish, and my reply said nothing about problems with broadcast rights, but I'll let you know if they tell me more. I probably won't hear from them again until Monday morning, however--Finns don't like to spoil their weekends with work ;)

  9. Thank you, I appreciate very much. :) Ahah at least they work the other 5 days of the week. :p I've sent an e-mail to my local rink for some infos about nationals and never got a reply... I'll have to go in person. Thank you again.