9 August 2012

Shpilband and Fusar-Poli talk about coaching toghether in Novi

Igor Shpilband
It seems that the figure skating world doesn't want me to go on holiday...

The Shpilband's Saga goes on, and Shpilband talks about his new home in Novi.

After Igor Shpilband and coaching partner Marina Zoueva parted ways, and Davis/White along with the Shibs and Virtue/Moir decided to continue training under Zoueva, Shpilband began negotiations with the Novi Ice Arena, where he found a new home for him and his skaters, including Madison Chock and Evan Bates, Lithuanians Isabella Tobias and Deividas Stagniunas, and  Italian Anna Cappellini and Luca Lanotte who combine training in Milan with coach Paola Mezzadri with trips to Novi before major competitions.

"There was a little problem with [getting] ice in the beginning, because I approached them quite late and some ice was already sold, but now I have it starting at six in the morning [and going] into the afternoon," Shpilband said to Lynn Rutherford, special to icenetwork.com. "There are two [NHL-size] surfaces -- I'm using one of them -- and there's a sports center next door with all kinds of off-ice training available. There's a pool, tennis courts, gym, yoga, Pilates, you name it. I have as much time as I need and coaches I like to work with, so it's good."

Among those coaches: Russia's Marina Klimova and Italy's Barbara Fusar-Poli.

"I am very happy I'm working with Igor," said Fusar-Poli, who brought two of her teams with her from Milan: the recently re-teamed Tanja Kolbe and Stefano Caruso and new Italian junior team Carolina Moscheni and Adam Lukacs. "I have a good feeling with him."

"Igor's wife, Adrienne [Lenda], is very nice, so we can work very well together," Barbara added. "I am working with all of the couples. Of course, Igor did the choreography, but I'm helping with the choreography of the arms in the step sequences, the faces [expression] and, of course, I have some other ideas. I've known Igor for many years, but I have never worked with him before, so everything is new. I am staying at their home, and everyone is so sweet with me. I feel like a queen."

With a husband (former Olympic short track competitor Diego Cattani) and two children in Milan, Fusar-Poli does not plan a permanent move to Michigan, and she will stay only until mid-August. Shpilband hopes she can return later in the season.

"Everyone is enjoying working with Barbara," Shpilband said. "I was also very lucky Marina Klimova was able to come and help me for a few weeks, and hopefully she will be coming back later this month. She worked with all of our teams, on all kinds of different things. She's such a talented coach."

Well, good luck to all, skaters and coaches, with their new home!

Source: Icenetwork

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