1 August 2012

Hiatus - Blog closed for holidays

It's August, folks! And even if  I'm going to study and work like the rest of the year, at least I can do it near a beach! I'll be not updating the blog for the month, unless some major news or event happen. But I'll be on Facebook and on Twitter if you want to reach me. Or you can always send me a message through the Contact Form of the blog.

But I'm not going to leave you with nothing to watch. It's summer, it's sunny... Let's dance with the Shibs! Do you join me?

This video has been shared a lot in the last days on Facebook. Directed by Alex Shibutani and with on-ice choreography by Jeffrey Buttle, it is really amazing!

Also USA Olympic swimming team performs 'Call Me Maybe' in London. What do you think? Team Skaters or Team Swimmers, who wins?

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