18 July 2012

Waiting for London Olympics

London Olympics are coming, and what an athlete wouldn't do to be there? Well, lets see, would we?
Hope to make you smile with these short videos, while celebrating all the greats athletes that will fight for a medal at London (and those who would love to go). Go guys!!

Well, rugby isn't an Olympic sport. But this does not stop Martin Castrogiovanni, Captain of the Italian rugby team, to try to get to London! He trains with our "butterflies", the Italian team of rhythmic gymnastics. A true butterfly, isn't he?

OK, maybe he lacks in gracefulness. Let's try with volleyball. That should be easy: a team, a ball... Go Castro!

No Castro, you can't ran away with the ball here! Simona Gioli seems not happy with her new teammate. What about water polo? Big guys in trunks fighting for a ball, that should suits you, Captain!

Not exactly swimming like a dolphin, eh? And you can't drown opponents! Maurizio Felugo and the others guys of the Sette Bello, the Italian water polo team, will have to go to London without him.

Thanks to all these great athletes who can still see the humorous side of things and who train hard to make their Olympic dream come true.

Good luck to all the athletes that will fight for a medal at London, and in particular to the Azzurri headed by our standard-bearer, Valentina Vezzali, fencer, who has won five Olympic gold medals.

And your guys, by whom will be them headed? Answer the question on Facebook writing the name of your Country standard-bearer and his/her speciality!

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