16 July 2012

2013 Junior Worlds

That Milan was the 2013 host city for the Junior Worlds I already know. But what I still did not know was what rink would be chosen to host the competition.

This morning I open the World Figure Skating website, and what do I read? The 2013 Junior Worlds will be held at Stadio del Ghiaccio Agorà, between February 25 and March 3. At Agorà! I mean, at my favourite rink! Wow! That means I may decide to go and follow the competition.

So excited about it!

Via Dei Ciclamini, 23
Milano - Italy
TEL. 02/48.300.946
FAX 02/41.21.821


  1. Dear Laura - is it not a little time that i known that the Junior Worlds will be held at Stadio del Ghiaccio Agorà, my Favorite rink - and near my house - i would like to go and see - we can go togheter .... what do you think - I don't think that the ticket could be so expensive. If i could in the next few days i go and find informations

  2. I think it'd be great! Let me know if you find out something about the tickets! Nationals weren't exactly cheap, but still reasonable.

  3. Has anyone found information on tickets yet?

  4. Unluckly not. But I was planning on going at Agorà personally next week to ask for some information. As soon as I know something new I'll post it on the blog and on the Fb page.