11 June 2012

Miki Ando reluctant to return to competition prefers to be an artist

Although she is listed as an entry for the 2012-2013 Grand Prix, Japanese Miki Ando seems reluctant to return to competition and prefering to be an artist on ice.

"I don't care about what place I get in competitions now. I just care about how I perform in front of an audience," said Ando in Shanghai last weekend to Lei Lei for China Daily. "I just want to show how I perform and if somebody can feel something from my skating, that's my goal, that's my best performance and why I dreamt of becoming a skater," she added.

After claiming her second world title at the 2011 World Championships in Moscow, Ando announced she would sit out the 2011-2012 season. Over the past year she has been busy taking part in figure-skating shows, like Art on Ice, around the world. 

"I was quite busy last year, but I didn't train seriously. This year, I don't feel like I am ready for competition, but I signed a paper (with the International Skating Union) in case I want to do the Grand Prix circuit," Ando told China Daily.

"I was planning to make a decision in June, but I didn't have the time to think about it. So, (I just signed it) just in case I wanted to compete. If I don't sign the paper, I can't go. I don't feel I want to compete yet, but I signed the contract, so I have no choice I will try my best. Let's see how it works out."

Ando picked up skating at the age of eight in 1996. She  made history in the 2002-2003 season at the Junior Grand Prix final when she landed a quadruple salchow and became the first female skater to land a quadruple jump of any kind in a competition. She still remains the only woman to ever perform it. Ando won her first world champion title at the 2007 worlds.

"I don't have any goal right now. I have done my job and I think skaters don't have to be competitors because we are like artists. I really enjoy being a show skater," she said. "We all have to quit some day and I'm going to be 25 this year. It's a really hard age for a woman. I don't know, maybe my next goal will be to be a great skater in show skating. Of course, it's really good to be a competitor and get good results, medals and everything. But people have to understand we have to quit some day. We have a future and other choices," she added. "I'm just thinking about the Grand Prix now. An Olympic gold medal is great, but it's so difficult. I don't know if I will attempt to go to the Sochi Olympics yet. So, maybe I will think about the Grand Prix final as the place to get another medal."

Source: China Daily


  1. E ci credo che sia riluttante a tornare alle competizioni - chissà se lo farà - si è abituata alla bella vita degli Shows e capisco che sia tutta un'altra cosa sia come impegno che come divertimento !

  2. Sono perfettamente d'accordo anche io. C'è da dire però che ormai il contratto l'ha firmato e dovrà partecipare al GP. Poi si vedrà...
    A 25 anni e con quello che ha già vinto è normale che inizi a pensare a passare al professionismo.

  3. Vero verissimo ....... ha vinto molto ed alla sua età penso possa volere davvero restare professionista.
    D'altronde se ha firmato contratto dovrà tornare - e vedremo che cosa sarà in grado di fare. Io spero che faccia bene .....