7 May 2012

Off-season splits continue...

We read in April the news of Tanja Kolbe and Stefano Caruso splitting.
The German couple obtained good results this season, winning the NRW Trophy Ice Dance in november and placing 12th at their first Euros. They where coached by Barbara Fusar Poli in Milan and by Martin Skotnicky in Berlino and Oberstdorf.
Journalist Tatiana Flade twitted about quarrels on training conditions.

AP Photo/Alastair Grant

Than it came the news of another split: Carolina Gillespie and Luca Dematté.
The Italian athletes started to skate together two seasons ago, and they were trained by Rosanna Murante in Sesto San Giovanni. This season has not been easy for them, as they didn't compete until the National Championships in Courmayeur, where they became 2012 vice-champions. They confirmed their 12th place at the European Champioships in Sheffield, but a new injury sustained by Carolina prevented them from skating at the World Championships.
Now Luca is looking for a new partner. Here what they told to ArtOnIce:

Carolina and I have decided, with our team, to split because of technical problems. This decision has been taken after a deep reflection about our future, and it was not influenced by Carolina's injury. We will always remember the positive things that we created together and shared with our fans.
Now Carolina is fighting to get back in shape and Luca is looking for a new partner. We want to thank all the people who supported us during these years made of competitions, new challenges and emotions, especially our Club Sesto Ice Skate and the Italian Federation.
Luca Dematté and Carolina Gillespie


Now it's the turn of a Chinese pair: 2006 Olympic silver medalists Dan Zhang and Hao Zhang.
Jackie Wong remembers them as one of the most technically dynamic pairs in skating history, with huge throws and strong side-by-side jumps. They once hit the rare quad twist at the 2000 World Junior Championships and landed the throw quad salchow at the Chinese Nationals. With Zhang and Zhang now off the competition scene and the legendary Xue Shen and Hongbo Zhao retired after the 2010 Olympics, the only one of the original big three Chinese pairs who remain are Qing Pang and Jian Tong, who recently took fourth at the World Championships.
According to Chinese news, their coach Yao Bin told Associated Press that because of Dan's increase in height and weight, Hao had to put a higher effort in their routine. Besides Dan wants to pursue her education and decided to retire from competitive skating. Hao is going to compete for the next two seasons, at least untill Winter Games, with 16 years old Peng Cheng.


  1. Mmmm... That's very strange. I posted a comment about one hour ago but it seems it disappeared: Laura, by any chance have you got some filter activated? Ciao!

  2. Nope, I haven't. I'm sorry, I don't know what happened. But I'll investigate about it. Thanks for the visit!

  3. mi dispiace per queste coppie anche se le prime due non erano evidentemente molto affiatate
    Soprattutto le coppie in cui ci sono due nazionalità diversa è più facile che ci creino problemi e disaccordi sul come dove e con chi allenarsi.
    Non se bene perchè maero convinta che Tanja Kolbe e Stefano Caruso non sarebbero durati molto come coppia. Mi dispiace perchè stavano bene insieme come pattinatori !

  4. Purtroppo è vero, però è un peccato. A me Tanja Kolbe e Stefano Caruso non dispiacevano. Per quanto riguarda Carolina Gillespie e Luca Dematté non so se la decisione non abbia realmente nulla a che fare con gli infortuni di lei...
    La divisione di Zhang/Zhang è stata più uno schock, lo ammetto. Però capisco la decisione di lei. Il pattinaggio perde una grande coppia.

  5. Sicuramente anche a mè piacevano come ho detto come coppia Tanja Kolbe e Stefano Caruso - ma spesso in casi simili ci sono simili "soluzioni finali"
    Invece per quanto riguarda Carolina Gillespie e Luca Demattè - anche io sospetto che la decisione non abbia invece almeno parzialmente a che fare con gli infortuni di lei .....
    siamo due san tommasi he he he
    In effetti il pattinaggio perde davvero una grande coppia con la perdita di Zhang/Zhang .... peccato davvero molto spesso sono i migliori ad andarsene - per un motivo o un'altro