27 May 2012

Eurovision Song Contest 2012 Grand Final

Have you watched yesterday Eurovision Song Contest Grand Final? I'd say there were heaps of strange people on stage. What about the Russian Grannies, only to say the least. Very funny little old women for sure, but come on, second place? Seriously? And to say more, what about the Jedward? The sound wasn't bad, but from where in the universe are they from? Because I can hardly believe they're from Ireland...

So we had Loreen from Sweden in first, Buranovskiye Babushki from Russia in second and Željko Joksimović from Serbia in third.

I've liked Loreen's song. Maybe the choreographic part was a bit strange. Željko Joksimović's song was also good. I've liked very much Nina Zilli's international version of her song (you'd want to listen to the Italian version too).

Ivi Adamou should have been the sex bomb of the evening? Please! Angunn, 20 years her senior was way sexier in my opinion.

Roman Lob from Germany, Ott Lepland from Estonia, Pasha Parfeny from Moldova and Donny Montell from Lithuania were quite good too.

As for you, my readers, which Country was your fave? Go to the link and pick your favourite Country or add your own choice!

Want to listen to some music in this boring Sunday afternoon or have you missed yesterday Eurovision Song Contest Grand Final? You can rewatch all the 26 singers here. Just hit play and enjoy the playlist!

If you want more infos on the participants, places or points, visit the Official Site.

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