1 April 2012

Worlds 2012 - Men FP and RESULTS

Last day of these 2012 World Championships in Nice, and we awarded the medals for the men's event. Patrick Chan skated to the gold and defended his World title. Daisuke Takahashi pulled up from third to claim the silver and Yuzuru Hanyu surged from seventh to take the bronze medal in his debut at the World Championships.

Patrick Chan

Performing to “Concerto de Aranjuez”, Chan produced a quadruple toe, quadruple-triple toe combination, a triple Axel and four more triples, but he botched a triple lutz combination later in the program and then fell on an intended double axel that took off poorly. The Canadian earned a level four for two spins and the circular footwork. “Being the last skater in the group, I was happy that I finally was able to go out there, feeling ready to go, ready to do the quad”, Chan commented. “The double Axel, I don't know, it isn't me if I don't make at least one freaky mistake. It was a little touch of Patrick at the end. I learned a lot this season, I hope I keep doing it. I think it will be good in the future”, he continued.
Without denying Chan skated a great performance, the question still remains...

Daisuke Takahashi

Takahashi skated a superb free skate with a quad toe, a triple Axel-triple toe, another triple Axel and followed up with four more triple jumps, and three level-four spins in his routine to “Blues for Klook”. The only glitch came when he under rotated a triple flip. “I was nervous but I still had a good time. The audience helped me a lot. It actually is the first time this season that I landed the quad (cleanly) in competition”, Takahashi noted. “After my surgery I didn't expect to win the silver medal here, the long-time goal being Sochi, but I have improved so much. I could prove to myself that I can still improve”, he added.

Couldn't say it in a better way!

Yuzuru Hanyu

Hanyu gave a powerful performance to “Romeo and Juliet”, reeling off a quad toe and eight triples including two triple Axels. “I was very nervous, I felt the pressure of the World Championships before I skated today. It's my first Worlds, and I had a mistake in my short program, I was really disappointed. But I skated much better today so I am happy. I didn't expect to medal here at all at my first Worlds so I am very surprised”, he told the press.

I absolutely agree!!

Brian Joubert

Brian Joubert finished fourth with a strong performance that included a quad toe and seven clean triples.
I like it when Brian skates all testosterone-y! And he was so happy he said it was like he won the world title!

Jeremy Abbott

Abbott started off strong in his free skate, hitting a quad toe to begin, but made errors in the second half of his free skate.

Adam Rippon

Rippon finished in 13th after falling on his quad salchow and making mistakes on his triple axels.

Kevin Van Der Perren

A farewell is always sad, but with this smile is much better!

Artur Gachinski

Gachinski fell twice on his two quad attempts. Russia will only be sending one skater to the men’s competition at next year’s Worlds.

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