9 April 2012

Italian figure skating world in mourning for Alessandro De Leonardis

Alessandro De Leonardis (Milan, 10/07/1969) has passed away yesterday, following the aftermath of a motorcycle accident.

Former dance skater and historic manager of many Italian ice shows (Summer tour of Stars on Ice, Skating Champion Italian Tour, etc ...), De Leonardis was also director of the Palavela during the Olympic Games of Turin 2006.

De Leonardis died at 43 years. From what we know, the death has occurred in Spain at the Motorland Aragón circuit. It seems one of the bikes in front of him broke causing smoke to prevent following runners to see the road, with such a tragic result. Alessandro left a young pregnant partner.

Today at 10 am there will be the autopsy, then the repatriation of his body to Italy will be organized.

Sources: ArtOnIce, El Guadalope


  1. Mi spiace molto per Alessandro ....... morire in così giovane età per un incidente (che poteva forse essere evitato!)

    E' una grande perdita per tutto il mondo del pattinaggio italiano!

  2. Già, poteva essere evitato. E' quello che fa più rabbia e dispiacere. Una grande perdita per tutti noi e per la compagna incinta. Poverina, posso solo immaginare il dolore.

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