28 April 2012

Camerlengo granted a visa only after Mishin’s intervention

Talking about crazy things, being invited by a country federation and being refused a visa to go to said country is definitely among the craziest.

Alexei Mishin made a personal appeal to the Russian authorities to secure a Russian visa for Plushenko's new choreographer, which led to him receiving a visa in minutes.

The choreographer, four-time Italian champion skater Pasquale Camerlengo, was originally refused a visa, despite an invitation from the Russian Skating Federation.

"I wrote a personal letter to the Russian consul. I asked him to give Camerlengo the visa and let him work with my pupil, because it would strengthen the friendship between our countries and contribute to the Olympic Games preparations,” Mishin said to RIA Novosti.

Camerlengo and Plushenko started work Thursday on a new program .

Camerlengo, in tandem with his wife, two-time world champion Angelika Krylova, has worked with many of the sport’s top names, including leading skaters Daisuke Takahashi and Michal Brezina, but also dancing couples Nathalie Péchalat/Fabian Bourzat and Caitlin Weaver/Andrew.

Sources: RIA Novosti and its English version


  1. Ciaoo Lauretta, ci siamo ritrovate anche nel Regno del Ghiaccio he he he - gran bel blog!
    Hai sentito che pare che Plushy voglia che Camerlengo sia il coreografo di entrambi i suoi programmi. Pare anche che sarà al Mishin Camp nella versione spagnola però ..... potrebbe venire a Pinzolo no !?

  2. Eh sì, ho visto! Sono sempre alla ricerca di nuovi blog interessanti. :)
    Ho sentito, e la cosa mi piace un sacco. Non vedo l'ora di vedere il risultato del loro lavoro. Mannaggia davvero, noi lo volevamo in Italia!!