29 March 2012

Worlds 2012 - Short Dance

Third day of these 2012 World Championships, and we go on with the Short Dance. Virtue/Moir dance to the lead, while Davis/White and Péchalat/Bourzat follow in second and third.
Of the 25 couples, only 20 made it to the free program. Good luck to all the skaters for Thursday FD.


Tessa and Scott performed a strong program to samba and rhumba rythms, with fast twizzles and a round step sequence and a rotational lift. They earned a level for for the twizzles and the lift while the two Rhumba patterns and the circular steps merited a level three. “We were concerned about the levels, but now we are just happy about our performance. We feel very strong and much more confident now for the free dance”, Virtue commented. “We do have big rivals with Meryl (Davis) and Charlie (White). We are happy with our score and now we are just excited about the free dance, this is our program”, Moir noted.


They executed excellent twizzles (level four), a level-four curve lift and level-three circular footwork. The Rhumba patterns were graded a level three as well. “It felt fantastic out there - the best short dance we've skated all season - but we got three level threes, which was disheartening, simply because we felt we nailed our edges and everything. We love our free dance. We’re very excited to take the energy we put out there today and continue it into tomorrow. It’s a fantastic crowd and they are really behind us. Our training has prepared us for this moment. We’re really looking forward to getting out there”, White said. “We want to go out and skate with the same amount of attack, energy, and excitement that we had today and hopefully nail those levels”, Davis offered.


Pechalat/Bourzat almost did not make it to their home World Championships after Pechalat broke her nose in training two weeks ago. They had drawn to skate last out of the 25 couples, but produced two level-four Rhumba sequences, a curve lift and smooth footwork. “It was crazy, we skated last and we didn't know how our competitors had skated, but we knew it was up to us to do our job. We are relieved. And we never came as close to the top two as now. This gives us hope for tomorrow”, Pechalat said. “We wanted to show our very best, to put out a technically strong short dance. We'll see what happens tomorrow. The free dance is our best program and we feel very confident with it, with the story, with our costume. We'll try to go for more than third place”, added Bourzat.

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