28 March 2012

Worlds 2012 - Pairs SP

Third day of these 2012 World Championships, and this is turning into one of those strange events where none of the top pairs skated cleanly, with all Russians falling in a quite stupid way... Look at the shocking eighth place of Volosozhar/Trankov and at the as much shocking eleventh place of Kavaguti/Smirnov!
Of the 20 pairs, only 16 made it to the free program. Good luck to all the skaters for Friday FP.


Savchenko/Szolkowy performed a strong SP, with difficult elements such as a throw triple axel, an element that they have never landed before in competition. Though Savchenko two-footed the landing, and there was a turn-out on Szolkowy’s solo triple toe, their 68.63 is still good enough for first. “We are happy to be here after a long break (from competition). I am quite pleased with the performance but it wasn't a 100 percent yet”, Savchenko commented.


Pang/Tong executed a technically strong performance, despite their underrotated side-by-side triple toe. “It was quite okay. After not competing internationally all year we were quite nervous. The couples from Germany and Russia are very strong and we have to show our very best in the free skating”, Pang said. “We had some injuries and needed time to rest, but now we are ready to compete again”, Tong explained when asked about not competing in the Grand Prix series and the ISU Four Continents Championships.


The surprise of the day is the third place of the Japanese pair, a slight foot down on their throw triple salchow being their only error. They seem a good pair toghether, but if they want to compete at Sochi Olympics, Tran will have to chose between his two nationalities, Canadian and Japan, because the Japan Federation does not allow his Olympic skaters to have double nationalities. “We scored a seasons best and it was a very good performance. We challenged everything that we were supposed to do. We gave a clean performance at the most important time”, Takahashi told the press.


They had messy side-by-side triple toes but recovered with a strong triple twist. But they took a stupid fall on their ending pose (I was like: "They just fell like that?? Can't believe it!"), though it did not cost them any deduction because it happened after the program ended.


Volosozhar's and Trankov's expression was heartbreaking as they saw their score after two errors in their short program. Volosozhar two-footed her throw triple flip and then, near the end, Trankov lost his pivot on the death spiral (A/N: see minute 3:00) making them both to fall.


A good performance for our Stefania and Ondrej! Also John Kerr noticed it.


They took a fall on the exit of their lift. I noticed Sasha grew a beard... Can't decide how I like him better, if with or without it...

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