26 March 2012

Worlds 2012 - Pairs' preliminary round

First day of these 2012 World Championships, and we start with the pairs' preliminary round. Of the 11 pairs, only 8 made it to the short. And our Nicole and Matteo are among them! Good luck to all pairs for Wednesday SP.


Sui/Han put out a solid performance to a Flamenco medley, landing a quadruple twist, a throw triple Salchow and throw triple flip, but she fell on an underrotated side by side triple toe. The reigning Four Continents Champions scored 116.57 points. “We were a little nervous because we are competing in our first World Championship. This is a big senior event. Maybe nerves played a role there”, Sui said, referring to the fall. “It was a little hard, as we had one training yesterday and competition today, it is only our second day here”, Han commented.


Skating to “Nostalgia” by Yanni, James/Cipres produced a double twist, throw triple loop and side by side double Axel. However, James put down her hand on the side by side triple toe. The French earned 96.48 points. “I'm happy about this performance and now I'd like to progress and improve (in the next round), fix what I didn't do (in this Preliminary Round). If we skate clean programs we have a chance to be top 10 and that is our goal here”, James told the press.

Vartmann/Van Cleave

Vartmann/van Cleave's routine to “The Holiday” soundtrack included a double twist and throw triple Salchow, but she fell on the throw triple loop. The couple picked up 90.68 points. “After Europeans, we were concentrating on our technique. Here, we want to skate as well as we did at Europeans, simply show what we can do in training. Unfortunately, we didn't do that today”, Vartmann noted.

If some charitable soul will upload some homemade videos of the preliminary rounds, I'll post them. So, stay tuned!


  1. Bene il primo passo è fatto - Matteo e Nicole sono passati dai preliminari ...... benissimo ... Auguri a tutte le coppie - ma soprattutto a certe he he he

  2. Giusto! Sportive, ma pur sempre italiane! ;)