28 March 2012

Worlds 2012 - Men's preliminary round

Second day of these 2012 World Championships, and we go on with the men's preliminary round. Of the 27 men who performed today, only 12 made it to the short. Good luck to all the skaters for Friday SP.

Nan Song

Performing to “Hungarian Rhapsody”, Song hit four triple jumps including a triple Axel but crashed on two quadruple toeloops. He earned 130.75 points. “Considering my condition right now I think it was pretty good. I was sick with a fever at the Four Continents and it took me a long time to recover”, the 2010 World Junior silver medalist said. “Each time you compete is an experience. Maybe I was a little nervous today. Now I have to get ready for the short program, this is really important and I will have to give my very best”, he continued.

Sergei Voronov

Voronov's routine to “Pagliacci” was highlighted by two triple Axels, four more triples and two level-four spins, but he doubled a flip. The National bronze medalist earned 128.47 points. “I think skating in the preliminaries was a good start for me, I could try the ice here. And I enjoyed my skating today. I think first of all because of the others who came to support me, and obviously the audience. Even the Prince of Monaco was here”, the 24-year-old said. “Actually this is a costume for my short program. The design is made by my girlfriend. I wanted to try it before wearing it in the short program”, he explained when asked about wearing a different costume.

Maciej Cieplucha

Cieplucha completed a triple Lutz-triple toe and five more triple jumps as well as two double Axels in his routine to “Brazil” to collect 126.50 points. “Altogether it was great. At the beginning I got too close to the boards, but the program was very good. I lost my passport and only arrived here yesterday (coming from Canada), I still have jetlag, but well, maybe I should always come just one day before competing from how everything went today”, the Polish Champion offered.

If some charitable soul will upload some homemade videos of the preliminary rounds, I'll post them. So, stay tuned!

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