30 March 2012

Worlds 2012 - Free Dance and RESULTS

Fourth day of these 2012 World Championships, and we go on with the free dance and the first medals. Tessa Virtue/Scott Moir danced off with the gold medal, capturing their second World title. Defending World Champions Meryl Davis/Charlie White took the silver medal and Nathalie Pechalat/Fabian Bourzat earned the bronze.


Virtue/Moir skated last out of the 20 couples to “Funny Face”, getting into the characters of Audrey Hepburn and Fred Astaire. They completed difficult footwork and lifts, picking up a level four for seven out of eight elements. “It feels amazing. It was a perfect ending of the season for us. It wasn't a magical skate, we kind of had to fight through the elements and really rely on our training. The sweetest part of the season was the ability to train to all our potential. That was our big reward this year, enjoying the training and we did”, Moir said. “To be honest it wasn't the best we've skated this program this season. But that's why we train and that we got all the mileage on the program we can rely on even we didn't feel necessarily a 100 percent. It's great to get the victory. We're thrilled with our season”, Virtue added.


Davis/White produced a dynamic Waltz from “Die Fledermaus” that was highlighted by excellent lifts and fast twizzles. The Grand Prix Final Champions collected a level four for the lifts, spin and twizzles and a level three for the step sequences. “We're a little disappointed because we felt we skated our season best performance and we wanted our season best scores at Worlds. But we skated our hearts out and left it all on the ice today. We’re going home with the silver, but we’re going home with a lot of pride, too, in how we presented ourselves and our programs”, White commented. “It was a great season for us – last year we felt a lot of pressure to make history. The scores weren't what we were looking for but we can't control that and we're satisfied with what we did”, Davis noted.
I think they skated the best performance of the evening, and luckly I'm not alone...

Plus, let's say it: that costume suited White very well... he was a pretty sight!


Pechalat/Bourzat Egyptian themed program “The Pharao and His Mummy” is always funny to see. Five elements garnered a level four and they took their first World medal. “It was our goal to reach a medal. The hardest part about these World Championships was not the competition itself but the last two weeks of preparation, we are very tired now. It was a great competition, especially because we are skating here at home”, Pechalat explained. “We are very satisfied with this performance, we did our very best and could finally show our level, the one we have in practice. I was more nervous than yesterday, but I pushed until the end. Our practice was good all week and this performance was the top of it”, Bourzat offered.


Weaver/poje skated a passionate free dance to “Je suis malade”. To see Weaver hugging Nathalie after the French great performance was really touching...


Couldn't say it better than John Kerr.


They had a disastrous opening to the free dance, completely botching their twizzle sequence. The mistake cost them the value of their entire sequence, which would have been six points.

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