27 March 2012

Worlds 2012 - Dance peliminary round

First day of these 2012 World Championships, and we go on with the dance preliminary round. Of the 23 couples, only 10 made it to the short. And our Lorenza and Simone are among them! Good luck to all pairs for Wednesday SD.

Anna Nagornyuk and Viktor Kovalenko (UKZ) arrived at the arena from the airport only ten minutes prior to their skate, having missed their connection due to visa issues. They even missed the warm-up, but still qualified.


Ilinykh/Katsalapov delivered a solid performance of their “Ave Maria” free dance. The reigning European bronze medalists picked up a level four for the three lifts and the twizzles while the circular footwork and the combination spin were graded a level three. The Muscovites earned 92.40 points. “We skated quite well, but it was just the qualifying round. It was more like a practice run-through for us. We put the accent on the elements. We found out after Europeans that we have to do the qualifying round, but I think it is useful for us”, Katsalapov explained.


Dancing to a Tango medley, Huang/Zheng picked up a level four for four out of the seven elements. However, Huang wobbled on the twizzles. The Chinese scored 79.69 points. “I made a mistake on the twizzles at the beginning of the program but the rest of the performance went well and we are satisfied with it”, Huang said. “Competing in the Preliminaries is a little tiring, but on the other hand it helps us for the next parts of the competition”, her partner added.


Shtork/Rand's dance to “The Story of Mikhail Strogoff” featured four level-four lifts and a level-four spin. The Estonian Champions collected 79.17 points. “We skated well, completed all the elements. Plus we improved our personal best, so we are really satisfied”, Shtork commented. “It was a really hard season for us. I have counted, that we've had eight competitions. It's really difficult to compete both at the junior and senior level, especially now, when the programs are so different. Yes, the season was hard, but we have to keep it up and do our best till the end”, Rand noted.


Anna Nagornyuk/Viktor Kovalenko (UZB) arrived straight from the airport just ten minutes before they had to compete in the Ice Dance Preliminary Round and finished in 9th place. Kovalenko commented “Anna received her French visa on the 19th but I for some reason got it only this morning. We flew out of Moscow at 13.30 but we missed our connection in Munich".

If some charitable soul will upload some homemade videos of the preliminary rounds, I'll post them. So, stay tuned!


  1. Ma soprattutto direi la nostra coppia Lorenza Alessandrini e Simone Vaturi sono passati ai preliminari - al 7° posto ma sono passati è questo che conta. Buona giornata!

  2. Bravissimi i nostri ragazzi!!!
    Buona giornata anche a te!