16 March 2012

Surgery postponed, Nathalie Péchalat tries heroically to participate at Worlds

From Nathalie Péchalat and Fabian Bourzat Facebook status:
Nathalie PECHALAT broke her nose on Tuesday 13 March in Detroit (USA) during their preparation for the World Championships in Nice and a specialist surgeon has examined her. It was decided she would not have the operation for the moment.

« The specialist recommended to postpone the operation until after Worlds, as it would cause breathing difficulties, bleeding and extra pain, which are incompatible with the preparation for a high-level competition. I started wearing a support mask today, to protect my nose from the pain caused by movements, vibrations and cold air. Fabian and I are motivated and stand together: this is an extra ordeal we have to overcome together.»

Despite the pain and a bruise that has spread to her left eye, Nathalie continues with an adjusted training programme, wearing a mask specially made for her. No decision has yet been made regarding the participation of the two-time European champions in Nice (26 March / 1 April).
So, no surgery yesterday for Nathalie. But their participation to Worlds is still not sure: we'll have to wait and see if the brave skater will be able to compete.

All our best wishes to Nathalie, hoping she and Fabian will be able to fight for the world title in their home Country.


  1. Speriamo che possano partecipare ..... che tutto vada bene e che non ci siano inconvenienti per l'eroica Nathalie .....

  2. Speriamo davvero! Si meritano proprio questa possibilità.

  3. Hai sentito ultima notizia - anche Kira Korpi si è ritirata dai mondiali per problemi fisici .... che dispiacere ....

  4. Sì, ho letto poco fa gli auguri di Adam Rippon a Kiira. Dispiace molto anche a me: Kiira è una delle mie pattinatrici preferite.

  5. lo puoi dire forte - lo stesso vale anche per mè ....... mi piace molto Kira ed il suo modo di pattinare - speriamo almeno che riesca a rimettersi completamente ..... senza ulteriori problemi nel tempo.
    Auguri di pronta e definitiva guarigione a Kira anche da parte mia !

  6. Infaatti. Speriamo di poterla rivedere in piena forma dalla prossima stagione!