14 March 2012

International Challenge Cup - PHOTOS

The International Challenge Cup has finished, and while waiting for the Worlds later this month, I'm posting some photos from the rink in The Hague.

Let's start with an interview to Brian Joubert after winning the competition, speaking abot worlds and his will to do a good competition.

And here we have some photos of the senior medalists. Starting with Abbott and Joubert plotting something, while Contesti seems thinking "Are they speaking about me?"

Please, look at those two! Maybe Contesti and Joubert are the two who are plotting something, wich wold explain Abbott's expression...

And here we have our girls! We are very proud of you, Caro and Vale! First and second place: go Italy!

The ladies' podium: Carolina Kostner, Valentina Marchei, and U.S. skater Alissa Czisny.

And here Valentina Marchei with "coach" Jeremy Abbott at the Kiss&Cry. Aren't they beautiful?

You can see more photos from 2012 Internetional Challenge Cup on my Facebook Fan Page.


  1. Davvero carine le foto dell'International Challenge Cup. Joubert finalmente appare contento e felice ....
    per non parlare di Carolina e Valentina ......
    Hai visto sul Blog Bring me to Life che buffa foto di Stéph con barba e baffi .... così non mi piace ....
    Lo preferisco bello sbarbato e senza baffi !

  2. Ho visto! Sembra che Sasha lo abbia contagiato... Stéphane, fatti la barba, please! :p