4 March 2012

FB fan page and the new layout

At the end of the month, Hot Blades, Hot Passion's Facebook fan page will be forced to switch to the New-Facebook-Timeline! Which sucks balls in such a major way that I ask myself who had this bright idea!
It's like  Zuckerberg & Co. one day said: "How can we mess up with the minds of our 800 million active users?"

Yes, I loooooove the cover photo option. Haaaaaate everything else about this new layout!!! Oh, wait... and what about the newly nonsensical display choices?

  1. Highlights: seriously, I cant't see the novelty of it...
  2. Posts by Page: well, I can read only what I wrote! But it's fantabulous!!! Because my page is sooooo very famous that I've got thousands and thousands of crazy fans declaring their undying love for my blog, that I ABSOLUTELY need a trick to isolate my precious content! Yes, I can read MY posts in order. Well, sort of in order. Which means desperately seeking to divine some kind of order by darting my eyes back and forth across that increasingly irritating line down the middle of his page to try to figure out if Plushenko went home BEFORE or AFTER having surgery, which doesn't make any sense, because he had surgery AFTER the Euros, but BEFORE going home... Awwww, I got an headache!!! When you open a book, do you read one paragraph from the lefthand page, then skip to the middle paragraph on the righthand page, and then go back to the lefthand page? Me neither. But I'm starting to think that Zuckerberg does...
  3. Posts by Others and Friend Activity: ok, maybe this is the only one which make some sense, because of first part of my reasoning in (2).
Let's say the truth about this New-Facebook-Timeline, Zuckerberg & Co. don't have ANY idea AT ALL what "time" actually means!!! So I've still NO IDEA of what the hell is happening on MY PAGE, but here's one thing I do know for sure. Whatever this mess is, it's thoroughly, utterly, absolutely NOT this:

I shudder to think what might have befallen the world if the FB developers worked for NASA:
"No, wait, they were supposed to get in the shuttle BEFORE it took off....?"
"What side of the manual are you reading that from...?"
"I'm on the left side under 'Astronaut Activity,' but I got nothing..."
"Oh look! Here's a memo from the president from last November. 'Dear team: Due to budget cuts, you're all fired.'"
"Oh, I'm not friended with him, so I didn't see that..."

Taken and adapted from the wonderful and crazy "The Official Johnny Weir Blog".


  1. Hi hi hi hai ragione Melek......
    anche io ho dovuto fare il passaggio al nuovo layout che in un certo modo (solo di aspetto appare migliore) ma per il resto sembra un gran "casino"
    Io ho passato sia profilo che pagine Fb Fans al nuovo formato prima che FB mi obbligasse a farlo qualche giorno fà ....... anche per cercare di capirci qualcosa ... ma onestamente per ora ho avuto poco tempo e non sò ancora bene come funzioni la cosa. Ma non è che mi piacca - questo continuo dovere reimparare come funziona la propria pagina etc etc!
    Uffi ma volte lasciare tutto come si trova !?

  2. Io per il momento l'ho impostato come visualizzabile solo all'aministratore, cioè me :P Così intanto ci prendo su la mano, e se faccio casini non se ne accorge nessuno XD
    Il mio profilo personale non ho nessuna intenzione di cambiarlo, e me lo terrò vecchio stile finché FB me lo permetterà...
    Sono d'accordissimo con te, non è che potrebbero lasciare le cose come stanno ogni tnato?!?!?!