12 March 2012

The Cup of Alexei Mishin - VIDEOS

Alexei Mishin celebrated his birthday over the weekend (March, 10) with a special event, the Mishin's Cup in St. Petersburg.
Mishin's Cup was a trial for former Russian champion Ksenia Makarova, who was attempting to prove to the Figure Skating Federation of Russia that she is ready to represent Russia at the Worlds  later this month. The other skater who is being considered for the third spot for the Russian team, Russian junior silver medalist Polina Shelepen, had a disappointing short program placing sixth at the World Junior Championships. On the list of Worlds entrants posted by the ISU, Makarova is still listed as one of the three entries for Russia. The other two entries are Alena Leonova and Polina Korobeynikova. As of the third  post, no further news has been reported by the federation about either Makarova or Shelepen.

Makarova skated a solid free skate, hitting a jump that she has not competed all year, a triple lutz, though it was underrotated. She hitted three more triples, including a triple toe-triple toe.

Yuko Kavaguti and Alexander Smirnov skated their short program for the first time since December's Grand Prix Final. Smirnov, after suffering for some days from abdomen's spasms, had his appendicitis removed in January, missing the European Championships.

Among the other contenders:

Elizaveta Tuktamisheva

Artur Gachinski

Konstantin Menshov

Ksenia Stolbova/Fedor Klimov

Katarina Gerboldt/Alexander Enbert


  1. Grazie carissima Laura per averlo postato ...... sembra proprio un bel gruppo di atleti .....
    Questa Mishin Cup valeva proprio la pena di essere vista ..... Sigh

  2. Un bel riscaldamento per gli atleti russi.
    Non riesco a capire se Sasha si è fatto la barba o ha ancora il look da disperato del mese scorso... Mmm, a me sembra sbarbato nel video... :p