15 March 2012

Brian Joubert shooting a pilot

For all my Babou lovers, here some news for you. Maybe you've already heard that Brian Joubert is shooting a pilot for a TV series at the rink of Poitiers: "Brison la Glace" (A/N: something like "Let's Breake the Ice") a series of thirty episodes dedicated to a coach's relationship with his team of skaters, says Pierre Mathiote, the director.

It's also a beautiful story of friendship between them, adds Jennifer Kerner, co-author and former skater.

With a team of seven actors and a dozen technicians, Mathiote spent the day at the rink, chosen also because of Brian, who should make an appearance in the series.
With a budget of around € 30,000 for this pilot, Pierre Mathiote now hopes to convince the TV channels. We still do not know which channel will broadcast the series, but many are interested.

Pierre Mathiote (à gauche) et une partie de son équipe d'acteurs dont le champion Brian Joubert.

Source: LaNouvelleRépublique.fr here and here.


  1. It will be interesting to see the result!

  2. Maybe we can see it ......

  3. Yes, I'd love to see it too! Hopefully, when they'll broadcast it I'll be able to rec it and publish it on my youtube channel.