28 February 2012

Plushenko's back injury does not need surgery

Evgeny Plushenko's back injury does not require surgery.
February 23 Evgeni had a successful knee surgery in Munich, Germany. Plushenko needed special injections on the troublesome knee before winning his seventh European champions title in Sheffield, last month. Eager to compete on home ice at the 2014 Sochi Olympics, Plushenko said he needed to undergo surgery to sort out his knee issues before resuming training for the next season.
He had anticipated needing to undergo surgery again for a hernia that had been found in his spine, but tweeted on Monday that an operation wouldn't be required: “Good news about the back! Operation is not needed!!!”

“The injury will be treated with non-invasive methods: injections into the muscles, physiotherapy, acupuncture,” Russian skating team doctor Yaroslav Bugaev said Tuesday, adding the injury would stop causing Plushenko pain after a minimum two weeks' treatment.
Plushenko is expected to take a month to recover from surgery on knee cartilage before continuing with his training. This means that Plushenko will have to skip the world championships in Nice, France, which start on March 26, putting off the confrontation with his Canadian rival Patrick Chan until this season.

Sources: RiaNovosti, World Figure Skating


  1. Sono troppo contenta per Plushy !?
    La colonna vertebrale non è uno scherzo - se è possibile non toccarla è molto ma molto meglio !?

    E poi un'intervento è sempre un'intervento!
    Benissimo - ottima notizia ;-))

  2. Anchje io! E' un bel sollievo!!!
    Hai assolutamente ragione, se si può evitare di passare sotto i ferri, molto ma molto meglio... :D