22 February 2012

Johnny Weir is back, and it's QUAD!

Johnny Weir fans, I have news for you all here!

After Vancouver 2010 Johnny Weir took a break. He became a tv star and a fashion designer, he dedicated himself to shows and also got married!

Then, he announced his comeback last January. And, in fact, he resumed training with his coach Galina Zmievskaya.

From his blog, it seems that all is going well, and yesterday Johnny landed a quad toeloop! Yesss!

This photo was tweeted (I've already said how much I love Johnny Weir's twitter skin?) by Victor Voronov, Johnny's husband, last night after what must have been a very long day of practice, with this caption: "Came downstairs and found @JohnnyGWeir like this."
Well, at least Johnny managed to take off his shoes before collapsing...

Johnny Weir @ Official Johnny Weir Blog.

Some news about the music, then: his SP music is edited by Hugo Chouinard. And his coach approved it!

Former ice dancer Hugo Chouinard has created competitve and gala programs music for a wide variety of skaters. Included on the long list of clients is Yu-Na Kim, Joannie Rochette, Qing Pang & Jian Tong; but also Jamie Sale & David Pelletier, Shizuka Arakawa, Sasha Cohen, Johnny Weir, Alissa Cziny, Brian Joubert, Daisuke Takahashi, Nobunari Oda, Tatiana Volosozhar & Maxim Trankov, Kiira Korpi, Tomáš Verner, Cynthia Phaneuf and many more!
Hugo has also collaborated with coaches and choreographers, including Brian Orser, Kurt Browning, Yuka Sato, Pasquale Camerlengo.

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