12 February 2012

Four Continents 2012 - LADIES FP RESULTS

U.S. champion Ashley Wagner taked the surprise gold over two-time World champion Mao Asada!

2012 Four Continents: Ladies' free skate

Ashley Wagner

Black Swan - Triple flip-double toe-double toe, double axel-double toe (too slow on the landing of the axel to put in the triple toe), triple lutz (nice save), spread eagle into triple loop, triple salchow, triple loop-double toe, triple flip. Second after the short program, Wagner needed an incredible skate to have a chance at defeating Asada. She did just that!

Mao Asada

Libestraume - Triple axel (two-foot), triple flip-double loop, triple lutz (hand down), double axel-triple toe, triple flip-double loop-double loop, double salchow, triple loop (two-foot). An underrotation call and a two-footed landing on her opening triple axel and a hand down on her triple lutz, and Asada was unable to hold onto her slim lead from the short program.

Caroline Zhang

Triple flip-double toe, triple lutz, double axel, triple loop,  triple flip-double toe-double loop, triple loop-double toe, double axel. Zhanh nailed the bronze pulling up from fourth after the short program.
I loved her costume!


  1. Questa è una vera sorpresa pensavo che ancora una volta il giappone avrebbe fatto tutto il pieno ... invece hanno vinto due americane su tre
    Prima e Terza e Mao Asada solo seconda questa è una vera sorpresa .....

  2. Già, davvero una sorpresa! Brava Ashley e anche Caroline Zhang!!