4 February 2012

Euros 2012 - Focus on Verner

The European championships in Sheffield are over and Tomas ended up in 5th place.

In the short program things went quit well for Tomas. He opened up with a quad that he landed on 2 feet, but the axel and the triple lutz - triple toe after that were well executed. Tomas was in 3rd after the short program.
"It was a disappointing opening to the program. I knew when I missed the quad and I’ve been struggling with the triple Axel in practice so I felt I didn’t have anything to look forward to. But then it was better." Tomas said right after skating. "To be honest I did not feel so good before the competition, I didn't sleep well at all. I felt pressure because I did not compete much yet this season. However I am 25 years old now and I have enough experience to deal with it now. You cannot win the competition in the short program, but when it does not go well, you can lose your chances. Luckily this did not happen to me. I wished to score over 80 and I managed that even though one jump wasn't that great."

In the free program Tomas fell on his face and even lost orientation for a while. Because of the hard fall even one of his buttons on his sleeve had split in half and was left behind on the ice. However Tomas showed some fighting spirit and after a single axel Tomas recovered and landed most of his triples like planned.
"The beginning was really crucial. I knew that I lost too many points and that really did not help me for the rest of the program. It's difficult then to erase those thoughts and continue with the rest of the program. And as if that wasn't enough, due to the fact I fell on my face I lost orientation for a while. However during the stepsequence I calmed down again and after that I didn't make many mistakes anymore." Tomas said.
"I was quite upset at first, but my trainer helped me to get over it a little bit. Even before I went to all the journalists he spoke to me and convinced me that it really wasn't such a failure. After all my difficulties this season; the problems with the disc in my back, the pulled muscles in my knee, it wasn't so bad at all. Apart from 2 jumps in the program I managed to do everything and on that we can work in preperation towards the world championships. I do think that being 4th and 5th at the European Championships is a good result for Czech figure skating. I don't think Michal Brezina and me have something to be ashamed about."

About Plushenko, Tomas said he must be applauded. Plushenko is back: he is not the same Plushenko as before, he's changed. But we must show him the appreciation he deserves.

Tomas will go home for a couple of days to rest from this championships. Then he will go back to Canada to resume his training in preperation for the world championships in Nice.

Verner has missed the podium, but he has gifted us with the funniest and more exciting performance of the gala. Tomas wowed the audience in an afro wig and golden shorts to the popular "Sexy and I know it".
"I was riding in the car and just heard this song, so I told myself that I must take it before someone else did," Tomas said.

Source: Tomas Verner Official Website, Rozhlas

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