3 February 2012

Euros 2012 - Focus on Van Der Perren

Kevin deserved a different farewell than the painful one he had in Sheffield.

Unfortunately, in the last Europeans Kevin Van Der Perren had to withdraw due to injury. "He fell on his wrist the other day. We didn't go to the hospital but we think it may be broken. In the triple Axel he needed it to make a lot of power. We tried to make it numb but then he couldn't feel anything. He decided just at the beginning of the free program to withdraw. This was to be his last competition so he is very sad that he could not compete. Now we are not sure about going to Worlds, probably not but we'll have to see," Kevin's coach Silvie de Rijcke stated.

Kevin was first to skate in the third warm-up group, and showed his sportsmanship by letting his fellow competitors know what might happen. "He told me in the dressing room that there was a chance of him withdrawing, so I adjusted my warm up," Brian Joubert noted. "In fact, I prepared as if I was to skate first in the group. Kevin showed great sportsmanship for telling me and I want to thank him for that. Not everyone would have done that."

Back in his home country and after all the necessary checks, it's been clear that there was no fracture.
"It seems only a little laceration of the articular capsule, at least it's what the ultrasound scan shows," Kevin explained. "We'll know more in the next days. I think that everything started with the fall in the short program. My wrist was bandaged, but then I fell again during friday practice. Saturday I had an infiltration done, but then I simply didn't feel the arm anymore, I couldn't carry on the competition."
The good news cheered up Kevin, who's thinking about turning professional after Nizza World Championships. But it's not sure yet, "I've still two months," Kevin said. "It depends on how the wrist will heal. I hope it will heal soon, but I have no idea, because I've never had a similar accident before."
We have to wait and see if Kevin will be able to compete at Worlds, to have the farewell he deserves, a triumphant one with great performances and personal satisfaction.

Sources: ArtOnIce, Absolute Skating


  1. I hope Kevin could compete in Worlds!

  2. Hi Anonymous! Thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment.
    Yes, me too and I hope to see him in great shape!

  3. Mi dispiace che Kevin si sia ritirato e senza neppure poter pattinare il suo Free Program.
    Non è mai riuscito ad arrivare proprio ai primissimi posti - se non sbaglio - ma era veramente un buon pattinatore e mi piaceva il suo modo di pattinare

  4. Anche a me, moltissimo. Però sembra ci sia qualche speranza per Nizza.
    Sì nelle grandì competizioni non è mai arrivato sui primi gradini, ma ha comunque ottenuto più di un terzo posto agli Europei.
    Piace anche a me come pattina, è un pattinatore di potenza. Data la struttura fisica il suo punto di forza sono i salti.

  5. Speriamo che possa pattinare a Nizza ........... e cambi idea .....