17 February 2012

Euros 2012 - Focus on Plushenko

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What Plushenko did this Euros was incredible. We all almost forgot about his knee and back, I'm sure.
Johnny Weir twitted his congratulations to Evgeni for his 7th European title.

For the coach Tatjana Tarasova, Evgeni Plushenko leads the world men’s figure skating. Tarasova thinks that the return of Plushenko is a remarkable event for this sport: he won the victory over himself, his pain, and showed to the world how a great sportsman of nowadays should behave and live.

After the short program, Evgeni said that he wouldn't risk to jump the quad in the free, but in the end he did it! He told the press that on Friday evening he did the triple and felt that he could do more. So he jumped the quad and felt that the knee did not hurt. The day of the competition he did the same thing in training and the quad worked again. With every year it becomes more difficult to skate. Old injuries start to be felt and new ones appear. That is why he is so happy of his performance and feels like beginning a new period in his career.

When he was asked if, having changed his mind about the quad, he could change it for the Worlds too,  he said that now he thinks only  to repair his ailing knee. In fact, Plushenko said on Twitter he will have the knee operation in Germany, and will miss the Worlds in Nice so he can recover from the surgery. The surgery on his left knee will be his second in less than a year. Plushenko uses his left leg to take off for both his axel and salchow jumps, and he uses it to pick in for his toe loops.

In a beautiful article, Barbara Castellaro points out that some journalists were ready to speak about Zhenya withdrawal without considering the fact that Evgeni, who has already entered in the legends of sports, competes against Evgeni.

Plushenko, quoting Castellaro, "athlete from the character of steel with eyes like Siberian lakes", filled "the ice rink with his presence, his charisma, his personality and with the notes of sensual Tango de Roxanne". And she goes on saying that "in Sheffield’s ice dropped the silence, like in the temples of ancient Greece during a sacred ceremony." Evgeni skated with a great passion, "in the manner and with a grace which can be compared with Nureyev’s dances".

When the music ended, the spectators from all over the world started to breathe again. Evgeni gave us the most preciuos gift of it all: his smile. Plushenko won in spite of critics, health’s problem and people who called him “too old to win”.

Thanks to Sarynka for her beautiful pic!

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