5 February 2012

2012 ISU Congress Proposals - On vocal music and other things

First of all, I start right away with a question for you: do you agree with 2012 ISU Congress Proposal to allow vocal music for JR-SR Singles and Pairs? You can tell me voting below, and letting me know why commenting the post.

Do you agree with 2012 ISU Congress Proposal to allow vocal music for JR-SR Singles and Pairs?

Personally, I'm in favour of it. It should allow skaters the full range of musical options when designing programs, and it would remove the difference in rules between singles/pairs and dance/syncro. Besides, it should me more entertaining for us to follows skaters' performances if we're able to sing along the music. But I'm open to your opinions, and I'm waiting to hear it!

Speaking about changes, here there is a little summary of the general proposals for ISU Congress. I'm trying to make as simple as I can.

Age Limits
From ISU

  • Add definition - Senior: Age 15 by July 1st that immediately precedes the relevant competition. 
  • Max age for novice (international) lowered to 14 from 15, effective with the 2014-2015 season.
Also Added:
A Skater who is still within the Junior range of age, but has participated at least twice in ISU Events  (i.e. ISU Championships, Olympics, GP Series (Senior/Junior), World Team Trophy) cannot any longer participate in any Junior International Competition or ISU Junior Championships.
ISU Reasoning
The age requirements are different in the ISU Branches. Even in Figure Skating a Skater can be a Novice, a Junior or a "Senior" Skater by age, that is not appropriate and does not reflect the clear needs of a proper age scale of an International Federation. It is also embarrassing that a Skater can win the Grand Prix Final, but is not permitted to participate in ISU "Senior" Championships. To make it easier for the Members to adjust their training programs to the proposed age requirements, a two years postponement of the new age limitation for Junior Men in Pairs and Ice Dance and the Novice age is been proposed. Within that time the Members can update their training and recruiting programs. In addition, a Skater who decided to move to the "Senior" category should stay within this level and should not be entitled to switch back-and-forth between Junior and Senior events. Such switches are no good for all Junior Skaters and should therefore not be accepted.
From Russia
  • Change maximum age for Junior Men and Ladies to 18 instead of 19
  • Change maximum age for Pairs/Dance Ladies to 18 (instead of 19) and for Pairs/Dance Men to 19 (instead of 21)
Reasoning: the current upper age limitations for Juniors seem to be too high.
Skaters Changing Countries
From ISU
  • Reduce the waiting period to compete in ISU Championships to 18 months instead of 24 months when switching federations.
  • Waiting period is still 12 months for pairs/dance partners (as long as the other partner is a citizen/resident already).
Reasoning: Shorten Skaters waiting period give Skaters possibility for coming back to compete faster.

Vocal Music for Singles and Pairs
Skate Canada & Spanish Figure Federation
Delete deduction for vocal music in Junior and Senior Singles and Pairs.

Reason: To allow vocal music in junior and senior singles and pairs, bringing those disciplines in alignment with the ice dance and synchronized disciplines, and allowing Skaters the full range of musical options when designing programs. The use of vocal music has been very successful in the ice dance and synchronized disciplines. The television networks are requesting the use of vocal music in singles and pairs to increase the entertainment value for the viewing audience. The viewing audience (through all media) is essential for the visibility of the sport and the financial success of both the ISU and its members.

Increase vocal music deduction to 2 points from 1 point currently

Reasoning: The Committee discussed the proposal of Finland, Figure for a Technical Rules change which will allow vocal music in Singles and Pairs. As there are both positive and negative impacts of the proposed change, the Committee decided to leave the decision to the ISU Congress 2012 (of course if there will be a corresponding proposal for a change in Special Regulations). However in case of the Congress decision to allow vocal music, the Committee recommends to implement it only after OWG 2014. Up to that moment the Committee proposes to increase the deduction for vocal music to avoid any intentional violation of the Rule and to be in line with the Ice Dance violation of music restrictions.


  1. Sono d'accordo anzi d'accordissimo sulla possibilità di poter far pattinare gli atleti su musica cantata. Non ho mai capito per quale strano motivo fosse vietato. Era anche ora che arrivassero a questa decisione.

  2. Già nemmeno io a essere sincera... Non hanno ancora deciso comunque, è una proposta avanzata da alcune federazioni, tra cui Skate Canada e quella spagnola, ma la commissione lascia la decisione al congresso che si terra quest'anno. Speriamo decidano in senso positivo!

  3. Almeno ne parlano .......... speriamo che decidano in senso positivo! Tra l'altro sarebbe proprio l'ora !