11 January 2012

Rules for the new team competition

Do you ever wondered how the new team competition will be disputed? Many things have been said, but us, the fans, are still wondering about the rules of this new competition. The 2014 Sochi Olympics in fact will see the first team competition for senior skaters. So we have 2 more years to wait.
But let's go with some order.

148 is the number of skaters that will compete in the single/pairs/dance competitions in the 2014 Sochi Olympics : 30 men, 30 ladies, 20 pairs and 24 dance couples. Skaters will be chosen according to their points in 2013 Worlds or according to their ranking in the 2013 Nebelhorn Trophy.

For what concern the team competition, instead, the ISU and the Olympic Committee have decided what follows:

  • only skaters that have qualified for the single/pairs/dance competitions can partecipate in the team competition; if a country does not have skaters qualified for a category, another skater can be registered for the team competition, plus a substitute;
  • there will be 10 teams that will include: a man, a lady, a pair and a dance couple. Teams will compete in the short program. Points will go from 10 to 1 according to the ranking. The first 5 team will compete in the free program. Points will be assigned the same way as in the short to determine the 3 winning teams;
  • the 10 countries will be chosen according to the ranking of their better skaters (all categories) in 2013 Worlds and in the 2013 ISU Grand Prix (Europeans, 4 Continents and Junior Worlds and GP could be taken into account if a country does not have skaters partecipating in Worlds or GP);
  • every team will have to compete in 3 categories at least;
  • skaters that compete in the free program must be the same that competed in the short program. Every team can replace no more than 2 skaters/pairs, provided that substitutes are part of  the Olympic delegation;
  • every team will choose a captain.
We will be able to see a sample of the team competition in the next Youth Olympic Game in Innsbruck, 13-22 January.

Sources: ISU (Pdf)

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