25 January 2012

Joubert's thoughts on the upcoming competition against old and new rivals

For Babou doing better than last year would mean winning or achieving two good programs because he feels having missed the short last year. He says having the means to be European champion. But this is not the his main objective: he want in the first place to skate a good competition.

For what concerns his rivals, he says there are Florent Amodio, his fellow French skater, Tomas Verner and Michal Brezina, and Javier Fernandez who is among the world's top skaters since the start of the season. Kevin Van Der Perren can also be listed among the skaters to watch out for.
For what concerns Plushenko, Joubert says this will be their reunion in competition. Brian was not surprised by his return, since the next Olympics are in Russia and that Russian skaters are falling short of his level. For Joubert Plushenko remains Plushenko: although he is a bit slower than before, he remains technically great.

And while we wait to see Babou on ice, lets hear him talking about himself, his love for animals, high speed and his costumes.

Source: LaNouvelleRépublique.fr

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